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Lagos State reinforces commitment to enhancing technical Education



Lagos State reinforces commitment to enhancing technical Education
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In a bid to foster a skilled workforce and reduce youth unemployment, the Lagos State government has reaffirmed its dedication to strengthening technical education across the state.

Mr. Jamiu Alli-Balogun, the Lagos State Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, emphasized the significance of technical education in empowering students for future job opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures.

During an unannounced visit to the Lagos State Technical College, Ado-Soba, Alli-Balogun encouraged students to embrace their technical training with unwavering commitment, envisioning themselves as future business owners and role models for aspiring artisans. He urged them to steer clear of distractions and remain focused on acquiring valuable skills that will propel them towards success.

Underscoring the state’s commitment to supporting technical college graduates, Alli-Balogun assured them of receiving the necessary assistance to become self-reliant entrepreneurs. He emphasized the role of technical colleges in nurturing not only technical expertise but also creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, empowering students to launch their own startups.

Earlier in the day, Alli-Balogun and his team conducted unannounced visits to Festac Junior and Senior Grammar School, Sari Iganmu Senior Secondary School, and five other schools within the Coker Orile complex. He stressed the importance of collective effort in providing quality education to meet the needs of students.

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Alli-Balogun called upon principals and vice principals to lead by example, sharing their classroom management expertise and fostering a culture of excellence among teachers. He believes that exemplary leadership will inspire and guide aspiring educators.

The Lagos State government’s unwavering commitment to technical education aligns with its vision of creating a skilled workforce, reducing youth unemployment, and fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem that drives economic growth and prosperity.

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