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Liverpool humiliates Barca: Who caused the fall?



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Everyone can’t stop talking about Liverpool 4 – 0 bashing of Barcelona at the second leg Uefa Champions League game. A night that in the days of yore would have inspired ballads and tapestrie.
A night the soldiers of Liverpool pulled a five star performances at Anfield against a poorly organised Barca. Barca players didn’t really show the class they are known for.
Here is how the Barca players rated and ranked in the game:
1. A Vidal
Quiet an irony that it was the player who many thought lacked the Barca DNA when he was purchased at the start of the season, would be the one who did the most for the side. The Chilean was efficient on the ball and worked hard all night. He was the best player for Barcelona and gave his all until he was substituted.
2 Stegen
There was little he could do about most of the goals that Barcelona conceded. He remains one of the best Barca goalies of all time. Tonight he suffered not because he was terrible.
3 Semedo 
He replaced Coutinho, but failed to make an impact just like all the other substitutes. Perhaps it was a sub that came in too late.
4 M. Artur 
The Brazilian was sent on to make things happen, but he didn’t get enough of the ball. He came in too late. Barca would have done better starting him for possession sake. So he could hold the ball and give the needed control.
He played 10 minutes, but he barely touched the ball. To think Barca did a lot to snatch him from the claws of AS Roma last season.
6 Messi
At some point in the game. I would felt he was better of substituted. He didn’t have his best night, even if he was always the most dangerous for his side. When he isn’t firing his team isn’t firing and that was the case in this one.
7. Roberto
He should have been in the midfield doing game control and ball possession. He was nervous at times. Robertson, Mane and Henderson all gave him trouble at various moments.
8 Pique
The centre-back wasn’t the safe and steady defender that he has been all season. If the midfield was any better. He would have had a chance.
9 Linglet 
He was vulnerable to the pressure. He wasn’t able to deal with the threat of Mane and almost got injured in a collision with Jordi Alba.
10 Suarez
He went without a shot on goal all night against his former team.
11. Busquets
He felt the pressure of the high press. He had few intelligent players to work possession with.
12 Rakitic
He didn’t link the play and it wasn’t his day. He was either too tired or the fatigue of the pressing got him.
He made unwise decisions not to play possession. His subs were all late. He had no business starting Coutinho in the match. And even after 45mins he still brought him for the second half. Last season he made such mistake with how he consistently allowed Andre Gomez.
14. Coutinho
He has been consistently unfit for the team. The Brazilian was off the pace against his former team. He failed to make any chances happen.
15. Alba
He was a shadow of himself today. Perhaps because of the ineffectiveness of the linkup player in front of him. Coutinho made that side of the pitch vulnetable against Barca. Alba was at fault for the first goal with a backwards header. He was also culpable for the second and didn’t have a good night.

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