How Liverpool stopped unstoppable Messi, Barca (An Open Letter from a pained Barca fan inside)

By Ediale Kingsley
Liverpool pulled a great comeback to eliminate Barcelona in the second leg of a 3-0 deficit tie. The Reds defeated the Messi led team at Anfield, 4-0 to qualify secure a place in the UEFA Champions League Semi Final.
Jurgen Klopps and his boys pulled the stunts in some scintilating fashion. And they did it without the services of their complete attacking squad. Mohammed Salah was injured and Firminho was not fully fit for the match.
Two goals each from Origi and Wijnaldum saw the amazing campaign of Lionel Messi and Barcelona haulted. And this has left billions of Barcelona fans heart broken.
Our reporter, who is a Barca fan pens this heart broken open letter to Coutinho:
Dear Coutinho,
I am heartbroken. I am damaged. Never felt so much pain in one night. There are pains, there are serious pains. Not all pains are the same. This Liverpool 4-0 defeat pains me in a very terrible way.
I need to be monitored. Don’t think I can kill myself. But I need some shoulder to cry on. I have a shattered heart. My blood pumping ventricles are busted. God help me.
You are hated. You are highly hated. I dislike you. You are not good. You are nothing short of a total disappointment. To think I wanted you. We went all the yards to get you.
Tonight I missed Neymar. Tonight I miss Pep.
You are lazy. You are boring. You lack football sense. And you play like someone under a curse. You are just a glorified Ardan Turan. We all knew our former Number 7 jersey wearer was cursed by the elderly journalist he slapped. Is it possible the Jersey number 7 is cursed too?
Barca plays total football. What this means is the totality of our players must be perfect. You are a dent in the team. I am disappointed. I am afraid you can no longer be a star in Barca. We will never come to love you. You will never be good.
I quit believing you can change and improve. I give up on you. Please leave our club. Do depart as soon as possible.
Even your attitude is disgusting. You scored a goal and insulted the fans with your celebration. You must have the wrong impression of our club. This is Barca, we only play the best. Here, there’s no room for second bests.
I trust the fans in Barcelona (Spain) to ensure you do not feature for the side again. And I also wish you leave with the most clueless coach in the world — Enersto Valverde.
How can a coach play Dembele in a stupid dead rubber game. A match ahead Champions League? Especially when we didn’t need the match for anything. Especially when we had won the league.
The terrible coach played Vidal too in that game. He played Pique. A game that shouldn’t have featured all first team players. How can a coach make the same mistake twice? It was AS Roma the last time. This time Liverpool.
Not good. Too bad. Very terribly disheartening. We don’t deserve this. This is not a Barca coach. We rather go for a Mourinho and know we have fallen to the levels of ordinary clubs than stay with a man that plays half Jose and half pep.
To night all we needed was possession. We needed to control the ball. I’d start Artur Vidal in this match. But no, dude was sleeping in England. And he couldn’t see what I was seeing here in Nigeria. What I saw in 1st half. That Coutinho has no business in the match. That Semedo should have started the second half.
That Alba wasn’t in the game.
A night he needed to play the ball. He gambled.
I am hungry. I am sick. This is too much for me. Please go away. Leave Barca.
Your Terrible Form Spotter,
PS: I need love. I need a woman. Anybody? Somebody?


  1. Comment:Barcelona must sack valverde and get klopp and buquets must retire and counthino must go to China