MAGU: Sagay attacks Justice Ayo Salami panel, says he’s no part of Aso Rock politics


Prof Itse Sagay, chairman of a presidential panel on corruption has attacked the secret investigative panel probing Ibrahim Magu, chairman of the EFCC President Muhammadu Buhari just crippled following a raft of allegation Justice Minister Abubakar Malami levelled against Magu.

Sagay, who chairs the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, criticised the panel headed by Justice Ayo Salami for taking testimonies of suspects being investigated by the anti-graft agency.

According to the law professor in a statement entitled ‘Press release by Prof. Itsay Sagay, Chairman of PACAC,’ Salami seemed the only neutral person on the panel comprising representatives of agencies that leveled allegations against Magu.

The panel has been inviting disgruntled lawyers defending suspects Magu is prosecuting to come and testify before the panel.

Sagay was just coming to take a stand weeks after a member of his committee discredited the Ayo Salami panel as a puppet controlled by Malami, who is also complicit in corruption cases the EFCC is probing.

The chairman, however, debunked the claim that he said Magu would not be prosecuted.

“I did not say Magu may not be prosecuted.  I am not privy to the politics of the Presidency,” he said.

“What I said was that Magu could not be prosecuted before the Salami Report is out and that Malami’s allegations are just what they are, allegations in a petition,” he said.

According to him, no one is prosecuted on unverified allegations as the PDP wanted, otherwise it would be a lost cause from the very beginning.

“In my statement, I made it clear that Malami’s petition was just the beginning of a process that could lead to prosecution if solid evidence is established upon investigation.”