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Man develops severe heart problems after new 5G tower radiation



Man develops severe heart problems after new 5G tower radiation
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Within a week of a 5G cell tower being activated near his home, a 49-year-old Swedish man developed severe heart symptoms that forced him to flee his home, according to a new peer-reviewed case study.

The case study, published Nov. 13 in the Journal of Community Medicine & Public Health, reported that the man’s symptoms immediately lessened when he took refuge in an apartment without 5G radiation. But each time he returned to his original home to collect his belongings, the symptoms returned.

This is the fifth scientific report by Dr. Lennart Hardell, a world-leading scientist on cancer risks from radiation, and Mona Nilsson on the human health effects of real-life 5G radiofrequency (RF) radiation.

Hardell, an oncologist and epidemiologist with the Environment and Cancer Research Foundation, has authored more than 350 papers, almost 60 of which address the topic of RF radiation.

Nilsson, managing director of the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, has been researching the human health impacts of 5G with Hardell for more than three years.

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“This study further strengthens the findings of our previous case studies, which consistently showed 5G caused very high microwave [or RF] radiation exposure rapidly provoked the onset of severe symptoms typical of ‘microwave syndrome’ [sometimes called ‘RF sickness’].”

According to Nilsson, the 5G rollout is a “huge scandal” because it’s “forcing people to be exposed to very high levels of pulse-modulated 5G radiation in their own homes without their informed consent and most importantly without any studies showing that it is not harmful.”

“It is about time to halt the roll-out and dismantle 5G because, from all that we know this far, 5G is dangerous to human health and there is nothing to show that it is not harmful,” Nilsson said.

The new case study reported on the health experiences of a previously healthy man after 5G infrastructure was installed near where he and his adolescent daughter lived.

In November 2022, a 5G tower was deployed on a building rooftop 20 meters from the man’s apartment, with its antennae directed toward his apartment.

Prior to the 5G antennae, there had been 3G/4G infrastructure on the roof of the building since 2013, but it was placed farther away from the man’s apartment, Hardell and Nilsson said.

Upon deployment of the 5G antennae, the man “rather immediately” began experiencing numerous health problems including chest pain, severe headaches, dysesthesia (abnormal sensations), loss of immediate memory, transitory high pulse, irregular pulse and burning or lancinating (piercing or stabbing) pain on the skin of his hands and arms.

The daughter complained of headaches and sleep problems.

One week after the 5G deployment, the man and his daughter relocated to a different apartment with much lower levels of RF radiation.

The man completed a questionnaire about the symptoms he experienced in October 2022, before the 5G deployment, in November 2022, when exposed to 5G and in May 2023, when living in his new apartment without 5G radiation.

He said his symptoms quickly abated when he left the apartment and quickly returned each time he returned to gather more of his personal belongings.

“Headache, sleeping problems and effects on the heart are well documented and reported repeatedly in studies on health effects due to exposure to microwave/RF radiation.”

5G uses pulsed RF radiation signals which may be “more hazardous” than non-pulsed, or continuous, signals, Hardell and Nilsson said.

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This is because cellular processes are highly sensitive to fluctuations in the electromagnetic environment of the cell. Indeed, a 2021 scientific review showed that pulsed RF radiation is twice as bioactive as continuous radiation.

Hardell and Nilsson’s highest reading was more than 3,180,000 microwatts per square meter (μW/m2) — the highest maximum value that the meter they used could measure — so the actual radiation may have been even higher, Hardell and Nilsson said.

Nilsson said she hopes the study will raise awareness about the negative health impacts of 5G.

“I want the public to know that they are being exposed in their own homes to levels of microwave radiation that have never been shown to be safe for chronic exposure,” she said, adding:

Scientists and medical doctors have for years warned about serious potential health effects from 5G and that 5G would cause a high increase in microwave exposure — which is confirmed by our studies.

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