Most tragic way a young, troubled lady ended her relationship and life

A hairdresser living at Fadaunsi Street, Ijeshatedo, Lagos, has taken her own life after a series of misunderstanding between her and her boyfriend.

Kenile Nwabuzo and David, both 26, began dating two years ago, but the difference between them—education, was hurting the relationship.

Nwabuzo, according to David, a photographer, usually felt angry and inferior because she was not educated, though her boyfriend, a graduate, had assured her he still loved her in spite of that literate.

Her anger which erupted every now and then could last for days, according to David who said no matter how he pleaded, Nwabuzor would not be appeased.

Thursday, April 11, 2019, the last time they quarreled before she committed suicide, David told her he was no longer interested. Series of allegations of cheating and coldness she, tearfully, levelled against him led to this.

Nwabuzor got sullen over the decision, though Davis said she was always the first to cry quits.

She would later sent him a series of text messages.

On one of the occasions, she even came to David’s house for the first time, to announce she was quitting. The intervention of David’s father did nothing to settle the matter.

He said she later sent a text message to him, saying, “You want to kill me; I will help you kill myself. Thank you for making my life a hell.”

So did she—by hanging herself.

When David got the message, he said he rushed there, and found her body dangling from the roof. He alerted the neighbours, and they broke into her room and took down the body.

He took her on a bike to one hospital which referred her to a general hospital. She was finally declared dead on arrival. The hospital management called the police to inform them, and David was arrested and locked up for two days.

He was not supposed to have taken down the body.

The Lagos Police Command have begun investigation, and it has been established the lady was suicidal.