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Nasarawa State holds its breath ahead of Supreme Court’s decision



Nasarawa State holds its breath ahead of Supreme Court's decision
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The political atmosphere in Nasarawa State is tense as the Supreme Court prepares to deliver its verdict on the governorship election.

Both the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are on high alert, following the Appeal Court’s decision in favor of incumbent Governor Abdullahi Sule.

The APC has accused the PDP of plotting violent protests and inciting ethnic and religious tensions to destabilize the state.

They claim the PDP is manipulating vulnerable individuals to engage in provocative behavior, including public nudity, and manipulating tribal sentiments by dividing the population into “indigenes” and “non-indigenes.”

The APC insists that Nasarawa belongs to everyone, and such divisive rhetoric has no place in the state’s history.

The PDP, on the other hand, has dismissed the APC’s accusations as baseless and a smokescreen for their own anxieties.

They maintain that the APC is being haunted by its past actions and is now resorting to intimidation tactics.

The PDP has consistently questioned the legitimacy of the election process and expressed confidence in a favorable outcome at the Supreme Court.

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 With the Supreme Court judgment looming, the tension in Nasarawa State is palpable.

Both parties are preparing for all possibilities, and the residents are anxiously awaiting the final verdict, hoping for a peaceful resolution and a stable future for their state.

Supreme Court judgment on the Nasarawa State governorship election is imminent.

APC and PDP are on high alert and trading accusations , APC accuses PDP of plotting violence and inciting ethnic division.

PDP dismisses accusations and claims APC is haunted by its past, Residents are anxiously awaiting the final verdict.

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