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Nig beverage markets hits 27.2bn liters, water leads Sidel, launches Sidel Matrix full beverage equipment line in Nig.



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NIGERIA’S beverage market volume currently is at 27.2 billion liters with water leading the feature volume increase, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.1percent in an expected annual growth rate of the entire beverage industry of 10.8percent by 2019, Sidel, leading global provider of complete PET packaging lines and solutions for liquids reveals in a recent event tagged Value Creation Day, that hosted her numerous existing and potential customers in Ikeja, Lagos.
Nigeria, far ahead of Ghana’s 675million liters, the Africa Regional Director, Dominique Martins, says “With Nigeria being one of the Africa’s most important economies with huge population that is growing at a tremendous rate, innovation and technology are key to gaining that competitive edge” adding that the packaging industry is gaining momentum in Nigeria and other neighbouring countries, Sub-Saharan market which has grown to become a very competitive market place with a strong consumer demand on value-added beverages products.
The Value Creation Day which did not only serve as an opportunity for Sidel to meet and network with clients from Nigeria Breweries, Guinness Nigeria, Coca-Cola Nigeria, 7up Bottling Company and many others outstanding companies but also was used to introduce the new product line ‘SIDEL MATRIX’.
The Sidel Matrix ,a revolutionary, modular system designed to better meet the needs of her various users comes in various capacities but with the minimum sized full line occupying a floor space of 20 x 40 square meters is a full automated line made up of Sidel matrix blower, Fillers, Combi (Blow-fill-Cap) and labellers is valued at 3,000,000euros.
Martins who educated the attendees at the event on Sidel Matrix said that when it comes to bottling water, most cost is related to the bottle itself and as overall efficiency is the key to profitability, reiterated that the new Sidel Matrix system is built to challenge all cost restraints and aimed at maximising earnings potentials, adding that through lighter water bottles, faster changeovers, increase uptime and enhanced flexibility one can benefit from a lower total cost of ownership as Sidel has proven results.
Over the years Sidel has improved on the various segments of the systems either as a whole as a unit. Noting that the “many changes that is happening in the world today have direct effect on the beverage production and will continue to do so in the future” , Martins said.
Further in his Sidel Matrix introduction, the Africa Regional Commercial Director says that today’s consumers of beverage products want a product they can trust, sustainable and ethical, they require safety, quality and a verity of taste, with healthier, more natural products with greater transparency of how and where they made, adding that at Sidel we understand the many challenges of the beverage market and we can help any company meet them.
As part of Sidel pursuit to meet the challenging needs in the beverage industry, the company in recent times developed the world lightest weight of 500ml water bottle in 2012, which is 8gramms lower than the current world weight. With 600 Combi across the world, Sidel has the largest installed base of integrated blow-fill-cap solutions across the world with over 30years working with PET for greater product integrity.
Speaking to the press earlier as regard credit facilities for upcoming Sidel System owners, Oliver Fraisse said the situation may be difficult for now due to the current foreign currency transfer, but that if any customer have agreement with their bank they may have to do with that. With the Nigeria bank and a European bank agreeing, Sidel can come on board to support with such credit line for a customer. Both Fraisse and Martin believe that current economic situation in the country will change for good, as it is making international trading relatively difficult.
Dominique Martin who predicted that 60 to 65 newlines for Sidel in the next 5years, explains that they are not afraid of product counterfeits as their equipment has its unique advantages. He also said the challenge he has at present is the rate of growth and meeting the demands.
While Oliver Fraisse commenting on the challenges of the current Boko Haram happenings in the Northern part of the country, says the slow pace of some of their customers investment in that area is worrisome, but he strongly believes that current government is looking at the issue to finally resolve it.
Sidel, of important note is the first company all over the world to create a PET Bottle in 1967 and has over 160years industrial experience with 30,000 deferent machines installed in more than 190 countries. The company, with her 8decades of beverage industry expertise in 80years of filling, 50years of blowing, 40years of aseptic packaging, 30years of PET packaging and 35years in labeling has 26 location worldwide with production facilities in 13 countries and its headquarters in Switzerland..
Sidel been the acronym of the French word for ‘Industrial Company of Lightweight Packaging supplied its first machine to Nigeria in 1971 which is still functioning and the latest in 2014. Now with a full fledge branch in Ikeja ,Lagos State, the Executive Director, Oliver Fraisse, says their men are on ground to meet any emergency need their system will create either technically(spares) or otherwise, in other to meet the speedy production of the various client.

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