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Nigeria, like Caesar, must beware of the Ides of March- Okogie



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Archbishop emeritus of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Anthony Okogie has expressed concern over the increasing illegal importation of arms into the country.

In a statement on Wednesday, titled ‘beware of the Ides of March, Archbishop Okogie said previous illegal importations have come and gone without any conviction or sanction.

“We ask, as we have been doing: Who are those importing arms into Nigeria? Are they ghosts? What is government doing about them?

He said as the country approached another election year, Nigerians must not let ethnic or religious bias determined who they vote for, but should rather look for candidates with good past records of public service and integrity.

Okogie said: “We must hold every political office holder and contender to an uncompromisingly rigorous standard. This is not the time to vote on ethnic, religious or regional lines.

“Let us not cast our votes for those who have ruined, are ruining and will ruin this country. Nigerians must beware of the Ides of March. We are still watching.”

Using Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar as Illustration, Okogie said Julius Caesar would represent Nigeria; the Roman politicians who plotted his assassination would represent the average Nigerian politician, with Brutus, the politician pretending to be Caesar’s friend, representing politicians who, in their diabolically deadly intrigues, pretend to love Nigeria, but are actually plotting her descent into bloody disintegration, he said

“Nigeria, like Caesar, must beware of the Ides of March. We have been witnessing politically inspired violence by Boko Haram. We have also seen how Nigerians in the states of the middle belt are slaughtered by armed herdsmen.

“While the issues of Boko Haram and murderous herdsmen are yet to be given the attention they deserve, making refugees of some Nigerians on their homeland, we continue to read disturbing news of importation of arms to Nigeria.

“Why is it that some Nigerians kill other Nigerians with impunity? Why is it that those who masterminded the highly treasonable act of armed invasion of the national assembly are yet to be identified, apprehended and arraigned before the courts? The build-up to the 2019 elections gives the impression that some people are out to destroy Nigeria.”







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