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Nigerian fashion label, T.I Nathan presents the “Soliloquy” collection



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By Milicent Arebun

Nigerian fashion label, T.I Nathan presents the “Soliloquy” collection. Recently showcased at the Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2015, the collection is a fusion of art and style based on love and heart break. The collection is a personal note from the designer, Temitayo Ilesanmi, and describes his emotional journey throughout the collection

The collection is a beautiful adventure through the maze of heartbreak and love, and all the feelings derived from that experience. It is also a reflection of one’s true self – understanding oneself and emotions.

Photo Credits – Lookbook

Photography: Tope Horpload (Instagram: @HorploadWorks)

Stylist: Mag Payne (Instagram: @MagPayne1)

Makeup: BellaMere (Instagram: @BeautyByBellamere_)

Hair: BernardSmiless (Instagram: @BernardSmiless)

Shoes: MoniMorgan Shoes

Models: Ifeoma Nwobu, Imran (Few Models)

Shoes: MoniMorgan

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