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No kidding: Here’s what drives parents to Lekki’s foremost kid fashion boutique



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When it comes to bringing out the little angels in kids, not many does it as good as Jennifer, CEO of Kids Trendy Wares, a one-stop shop for kid wears and toys in Lekki, Lagos. Mums from Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Kano, have gone there to don up their kids. They know the difference. The surprise is fathers, too, have beaten a track to Kids Trendy Wares, she told Elijah Olusegun in this interview.

What’s the passion behind going into kid wares and fashion?

I love kids. Apart from that, the utmost thing is that every day, in Lagos and around the world, God blesses people with the gift of children. And parents who love their kids go about looking for quality wares for them. There’s a need there, a demand by people who tend to buy more things when they are raising children. That’s the need Kids Trendy Wares is out to meet.

Your location, Lekki, makes it look like you are meeting the need of the rich alone. Not bad, though.

The location matters, truly. And so far so good. We give the Lekki-rich good quality clothes that are worth their status.  And they have been coming back. Let me tell you, again, that we accommodate those coming from the mainland too. But, in all, my customers are highly fashionable people who know what they want. And we give them.

Why kid fashion? Dressing up your children in real good ways should have been enough for their age.

Your kids are your images, your reflection. So whatever they wear speaks volume about their parents. Basically, there’s so much going on in kid fashion. You know they have their designers, too—mostly same designers for adults. But for now, in Nigeria, because of the weather, you can think of trendy wears like sweatshirts, sweatcoats, and all that. They are still in stock. Events, occasions, and kid parties also determine kid fashion.


What do you have in stock most times?

We always stock clothes, footwears, school bags, electric cars, sunglasses, jewelry and accessories, and perfs like Pink Dress. All of these re imported from the US and UK. We sell on Jumia, too.

Is Kids Trendy Wares all about dresses, dolls, and toys?

We organize events too—kid events. On holidays. During festivals. And so on. On these occasions, we sell our clothes and toys at affordable prices to the participants. We also do party packs for kids and schools. We have done a lot for schools—like the IGS Nursery and Primary School, Mini Treasures, and so on.




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