Obaseki’s victory: The audacity of resilience

Edo 2020: Why Obaseki will win

Obaseki's victory: The audacity of resilienceBy Richard Odusanya

I am unstoppable because I am a revolutionary with audacious mindset and an inheritor of the Abrahamic Covenant.

Therefore, I refuse to be caged in the ruckus of spiritual mediocrity. I refuse to be confined in the rot of poverty mentality of the mind.

I am an Eagle of the Lord, spirit-filled with audacity of courage. I’m an incurable optimist, a weapon in the hands of the most high God. I have no sense of limitations and freedom is the ultimate goal.

Africa is truly a blessed continent with great human and natural resources that are untapped. We have great minds and industrious people, who if given a little opportunity will become global solution providers but the opportunities aren’t available.

Poor leadership, nepotism, impetuousness, and corruption has been the bane of our beloved continent and in particular Nigeria situation as a case study. A Nation that prefers a few stupendous rich few at the expense of building a prosperous destination, a certified failed generation and poverty capital of the world even with its wide variety of different natural resources.

“I don’t want the children of my drivers to be drivers to my children, neither do I want the children of my cooks to be cooks to my children. Nevertheless, I want free access to education for all.” –  Chief Obafemi Awolowo. This is the type of mindsets and humility that is required for good leadership.

Nigeria as a nation is like a cook in the kitchen that is stock up to the brim but the so called cook doesn’t have an idea what to do with any of it because of it failed system and decaying culture.

A nation where youths get opportunities when they are too old for them as the system only favours those of a certain age and affluence and the society only recognizes people with advanced years as experienced.

That’s why often, you see people falsifying their age to get a job, retain position or an appointment. Should we blame it on culture or dogma?

It’s no surprise, a 78years old General Major Muhammadu Buhari can be president and a 67 years old Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad can be Chief Justice of Nigeria as claimed, but if it’s an opportunity that will favour youths, you’ll see that 35 or 40years old graduate is too old to work in civil service or other government parastatals.

Some individuals who dominated the scene yesterday have failed to quit the stage. The emergence of grey hair whispers nothing to their selfish minds. They have failed to chart a noble course for the supposed leaders of today. These people institutionalized corruption which now spread all over the country; they were busy breaking new records in corrupt practices.

They failed to institutionalise principle of fairness and equality in paddling the affairs of our nation and impoverished the very fabric of our existence, enfeebling many citizens. The Nigeria hapless masses now look like people who don’t know what they want and even if they do, they don’t know how to go about it.

“Why is it that people long for political power, and why, when they have achieved it, are they so reluctant to give it up.”- President Vaclav Havel of Czechoslovakia. A million dollars question. In Africa it is simply to cover up misdeeds and corruption.

Now, a new Nigeria we seek. If all these ills must go, we need a revolution of values, a change in mentality and behavior and great minds that are ready to bring postive change. People who will frown at nepotism and embrace meritocracy irrespective of region or religion.

On the just concluded Edo State Elections; we salute the resilience of the good people of Edo state, the United States of America, United kingdom and the western powers. It was the begining of the new dawn in the face our nation’s democracy.

The sanctions against malfeasance during elections helped largely on the conduct of the electoral officials and the gladiators. It reflected on the process and out come of the election.

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

Africans should wake up and smell the coffee. We need to engage with the global community for stiffer sanctions against despots with concerted effort by the global community.

However, we solicit for more consistent interest from the western powers in the face of tyranny and continuous assault on democratic norms and constant harassment of opposition elements and press freedom.

Regardless of the outcome of this election cycle, the conduct of the electoral officials and the gladiators needs to be addressed. In the 21st century for any responsible Government and its agencies to be undermining processes, procedures and technology, we must place a demand for the electoral act to be signed.

Our compatriots across the continent should demand for a less militarism in our democratic process and space. All that is required to build a fantastic future and prosperous Nation is a visionary leadership with focus and sincerity of purpose.

Let us be dissatisfied with fraudulent activities and corrupt officials of government agencies and organizations. We should sustain the tempo of the Edo resilience and demand for a better Nigeria on October 1st Revolution day. Again let us be dissatisfied with fraudulent elections in Nigeria at 60.