Oshiomhole commits political suicide, rejects Ize-Iyamu, endorses Obaseki: his 12 significant proclamations

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The former national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, leaves in his trail an endorsement catalogue of encomiums on Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the September 19 governorship election, including his outright condemnation and rejection of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, APC candidate.

Read Oshiomhole’s 12 significant endorsement remarks on Governor Obaseki.

  1. God knows that Godwin comes from a large family in Benin Kingdom; he went to school, he finished his secondary school; he went to the University of Ibadan, he finished; there were no issues, he finished in flying colours.
  2. He went to the US, he did his Masters; he came back home, started helping people to set up businesses. He helped to manage businesses; he helped to set up many banks, including several second-generation banks.
  3. I don’t care if Obaseki betrays me at the end of the day, Obaseki allegiance should be to the people and not me.
  4. The oath of office he is going subscribe to says that he will defend the Constitution of Nigeria; he will do everything to uplift the quality of life of Edo people. Nothing in his oath of office will include “I shall not betray my predecessor” because I have no interest to be betrayed.
  5. Obaseki had been part of the tradition, he knows the vision; he knows the mission; he knows the target; he knows where we are; he knows the challenges and he knows how to overcome them.
  6. He sits in the Office of the Economic Team which he built using his network of friends inside the heart of Government House without demanding one Naira.
  7.  I know my limit; he knows his limit. Godwin Obaseki has worked for seven and half years for the people of Edo State, using his brain, creativity, quietly, not making noise.
  8. A man like Obaseki who will not ask me to give him contracts, but will promise me, Comrade, you just do the thinking, we will create the means to actualize your thoughts.
  9. And to his credit today, check the books of Edo State, we did not build new structures in Government House with government money. That economic team office was built through Godwin’s network. Today, it remains a permanent asset of the state government.
  10.  I want us to be calling that building – I don’t see your opponent – Ize-Iyamu being able to say that.
  11.  In 2007, check the records, Ize-Iyamu was hiding from EFCC. He did not vote. How can somebody who didn’t vote claim he made me.
  12.  If you have to look at Godwin and his credentials, and you look at a man whose only work, by his CV, was a student, and was rusticated for two years, he read law, but he is not barrister.

Interesting, these were the campaign statements of Oshiomhole in the 2016 governorship election. In 2020, the entire process has been subverted. Oshiomhole is working from the opposite camp in the 2020 governorship election on the side of Ize-Iyamu. Invariably, the only thing that may have changed in the catalogue of encomiums on Governor Obaseki is Oshiomhole, himself; all other attributes remain constant.

Invariably, Oshiomhole may be falling into political suicide, and could make the APC campaign for the Edo governorship election complicated in marketing Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu as the party’s candidate.

Ize-Iyamu has, however, attempted an image laundry, saying that all the Oshiomhole said about him in the past did not come from his heart. However, the words have gone forth, people have assimilated the words; Ize-Iyamu also did not challenge either the words or Oshiomhole from whom the words proceeded. Edo people are furiously waiting for the APC campaign team to hear what the APC members will tell them this time, especially, Oshiomhole. They are on red alert against deceit, dishonesty, and insincerity.


  1. Oshiomole is a man who never think of what tommorow will bring forth, the man he campaigned for in 2016,he is going to campaign against him now, I’m looking forward to hearing what he is going to tell Edo people this time, Mr oshiomole is only good at amplifying the wrong but never good in documenting what is good.i assure him, wherever he goes and whatever he does to bring obaseki down will always prove abortive.

  2. People easily forget what comes out of their stomach through their tongue,for me this is”Confusion”..People vote for you to work for them,after you finish,you want to bring the person that is not your people choice to replace you,why????This is selfish interest

  3. People easily forget what comes out of their stomach through their tongue,for me this is”Confusion”..People vote for you to work for them,after you finish,you want to bring the person that is not your people choice to replace you,why????

  4. We all know ashomhole with his words of deceit, and he will still come with another. The people of Edo state, will prove to him this time around that he can fool some people sometime but he can’t fool them all the time.

  5. Oshiomhole is confused, going back to the same person he told Edo people publicly that he was a thief and a rusticated student is suicidal. Those words he said about obaseki were nothing but the truth, so Edo people should disregard what he will say this time concerning the both candidate. Obaseki remained the best choice for Edo state.

  6. It is a pity that politicians in Nigeria view the electorates as fools whom they can use any time they feel like to get what they want and dumb them…The Almighty God is watching.

  7. Oshiomhole is a rabble rouser. Who doesn’t know him? Look at his record at the NLC and you will know better. He is only after his own pocket. No moral scruples at all. It is really unfortunate.

  8. Political suicidal how? If what comrade Adams Oshiomole is saying is the truth, I think it should sound disturbing to the politicians who do not carry the state along, they are into politics just for themselves and their families. I stand to be corrected but that is just my take about it.

  9. Politicians e! They are every thing evil, give them what they want , you become Angeles But deny them what they want They will paint you as devil. Edo state over to you . We hear the first voice , we are yet to receive how Obaseki will change to Lucifer.

  10. This world is too small but at other hand the large of it cannot be over emphasis.,today can be yours but tomorrow is for others.
    Adams Oshiomole doesn’t that power belongs to Almighty Allah,
    Allah do gives power to who Him will, and also takes it from who Him will.
    Adams Oshiomole your I. K. T. M. (I KNOW TOO MUCH) destroyed Eze Iyamu’s political career, the only option for Eze Iyamu is to resign from politic.

  11. This is a good lesson for all the politicians, that we just have to be very careful during the campaign’s. We only only need to focus on what we have on the table for the people, and not to track and lying to the people about the opponents. In a nutshell, this where the saying that ‘ NO PERMANENT FRIEND AND NO PERMANENT ENEMY IN POLITICS’. Let’s not attack personalities during our campaigns.

  12. What exactly should one expect from an unstable man? Unfortunately, this man, Oshiomole was not like this when he was NLC boss but now submerged in wealth. May he make his way right before death

  13. Oshi ma ole is a confused man, you could imagine how he tried to subvert all the good record that he has for Obaseki? But I see the end of his political relevance after this election both in Edo state and in federation at large.

  14. The game is up for Edo people to play, we are waiting to see what APC will tell Edo about their candidate who they have discredited in the past and, are prosecuting for money laundering, and how they will discredit Obaseki who they have credited before.

  15. I think oshomole is using the opportunity that he got when he was nlc President that we so much believed that he was working for the masses not knowing that that was personal interest.

    Such person like oshomole should not allowed to join politic or should not allowed to be office holder, because he doesn’t stick to his words, is very dangerous for our society. Note: he is a pretender, he is not a honest person. We have people like oshomole too much in our politic today. May God help our country.

    • I hate hearing that word betrayal. Has Obaseki lied against Oshiomole. Does betrayal mean not covering up past misdeeds of Oshiomole. Please let’s keep our heads straight, Obaseki is not governor to serve the interest of Oshiomole but that of Edo State and her people.

  16. Men should always keep their tongue in check. Man has tamed all beasts but his tongue, he has not been able to tame. Was he telling the truth then or lying, either way, how can we now believe whatever he says. Good luck to him, the world now knows him better.

  17. Check out this man have a mission, he wants to stylishly penetrate Mr obaseki, even when the serpent wanted to give the woman eve the forbidden fruits he first of all enter the woman and empty her brain, baba osho I have always known you to be a wise and cunning, oba…. Remember the proverb that says if you want eat with devil fashion your long

  18. I can not stop laughing Osho baba, obaseki has just small campaign to do to make him win the election

  19. What goes around always come around. This has made the work very easy for the PDP TEAM. WE ARE WATCHING FROM FAR DISTANCE.