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P-square shuts down Liberia



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P-Square was in Liberia, and the enthusiastic response they received confirms that they are Africa’s biggest music group, and their recent reunification was a step in the right direction.

The evergreen group packed a Liberian stadium to capacity, and the overwhelming affection is shown to them, which they equally returned with exuberant performances, reinforced their credentials and bolstered their already large fanbase.

In the video posted on social media by one-half of the group, Peter Okoye aka Mr. P, the fans were seen cheering jamming to their songs, and chanting their names in the stadium as they charged forward to the stage, almost causing a stampede in the process.

“Like we never left! Not just about the music! Forget! We are loved. Thank you beautiful people of Liberia,” Peter Okoye excitedly wrote while sharing a snippet of their performance in Liberia.


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