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Presidency under Buhari now den of thieves – PDP



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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday lambasted the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) government that the arrest of yet another scammer linked with the Buhari  Presidency further confirmed that the Presidency under President Muhammadu Buhari has become a den of thieves.

The party said that the shocking fact that the scammer, Abdulrauf Illyasu, even enjoys an office accommodation within the safety and cover of the Presidential Villa, from where he carries out his fraudulent assignments, is hard evidence that the Buhari Presidency breeds and facilitates swindlers, charlatans and treasury looters.

The PDP, however, noted that nothing is impossible for a Presidency replete with persons who thrive in lies, false claims, certificate forgery, bribery, intimidation and recruiting of fraudulent and corrupt persons as ministers, special advisers and clandestine fronts for financial sleazes.

“Our party holds that it is the height of deceit and duplicity that an administration that boasts of integrity and zero tolerance for corruption could be the very sanctuary of the underworld.

“Only last week, a known confidant of Mr. President, Nasir Danu, was arrested at Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom, for alleged international passport scam and money laundering while allegedly ferrying stolen currencies for persons said to be close to the Presidency.

“This is in addition to further allegations that Danu has been fronting for a close relation of the President for shady oil deals and huge contracts running into billions of naira in major revenue earning agencies,” the PDP declared.

The PDP, therefore, invited Nigerians to note how the Abdulrauf Illyasu and Danu matters remind of the case of the former aide to the First Lady, Mr. Baba-Inna, who was earlier arrested over accusations of receiving billions of naira from politicians and businessmen on behalf of the First Lady.

The party also urged Nigerians to recall the confession of one Amina Mohammed, who while being paraded by the Department of State Services (DSS) in 2018, stated in public that persons close to President Buhari were involved in serial fraud and looting of public resources under the cover of the some elements in the Presidency.

The PDP declared as shameful, how the public space has been saturated with allegations of how individuals and cabal connected to the Buhari Presidency have been hounding government agencies as well as major domestic and international business concerns for kickbacks while strangulating those who refuse to accede to their demands.

“Today, it is no longer news that the Buhari Presidency holds the medal as the most corrupt administration in the history of our nation, which had also mastered the act of concealment with propaganda and deceit,” PDP remarked.

The PDP reminded Nigerians that the Buhari Presidency has not yet provided answers as to why it has not investigated and prosecuted persons involved in the N9 trillion sleazy oil contract as detailed in the leaked NNPC memo.

The Presidency has also not informed the nation why it has not investigated and prosecuted persons involved in the alleged stealing of over N1.1 trillion worth of crude oil using 18 unregistered vessels since 2017.

Such inaction in the face of huge sleazes points to nothing but complicity in very high places and Nigerians now know the links as well as those to hold responsible, PDP said.