PTF: Another Lockdown? Never!

By Michael West

It appears this government may likely be the undertaker of deeply polarised, highly ethnicised and economically impoverished country called Nigeria. The misgovernance of this clueless, visionless and inept leadership should be called to order before they destroy the feeble fabrics of pseudo-unity that keeps Nigeria trudging on the path of nationhood.

How can the PTF dare to threaten Nigerians with another possible lockdown when government’s pronouncements and actions actually promote violation of the Covid protocols and rules it put in place? No reasonable government will turn deaf ears to appeals from well meaning individuals and organisations that the NIN forced registration where multitude of people cluster on daily basis to beat the deadline should be suspended till further notice.

Government imposed distancing at worship centres, schools and some public places like banks but allow Nigerians in their millions to struggle their way through at NIN registration centres. They prepare grounds for increased infection thereby. It is sheer insensitivity and wickedness! Nigerians must firmly and frontally resist any attempt to impose any lockdown.

The irony of it is that these bunch of confused people masquerading as leaders don’t buy their own foods. They live big at the expense of tax payers. Who will feed the already pauperised Nigerians and their children if there’s another lockdown?

This is the only country around the globe where increased tariffs in electricity and fuel price hike welcomed its people as they returned from months of lockdown.

We should let them know that we will not tolerate those irrational decisions any further. Government is about the security and welfare of the people and not to subject the citizens to indignity and economic servitude perpetually. Those in authority should learn to feel the pulse of the man on the street before taking some serious decisions. Covid is real, but we still have our lives to live.

*Warning:* There’s a limit to how long school children can use nose masks. It is not medically approved to be used by children at all except for their moments in highly infectious environments. But since we enjoy copy and paste approach to most of our situations, please allow them to breathe when they feel like. Their lungs are not strong enough for long use of masks. Please don’t kill our children to satisfy your foreign masters.