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Rate aspirants by their capacities- Saraki tells PDP delegates



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A Frontline Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Aspirant, Sen. Bukola Saraki, has urged the party’s delegates to rate all the presidential aspirants by their capacity to unite Nigeria, attract investment and ability to solve insecurity.

Saraki stated this when he met with the PDP Federal Capital Territory (FCT) chapter’s delegates on Monday night in Abuja.

“Where Nigeria is today, the country cannot toy with 2023 general elections; we cannot just choose any body.”

He said that the country was in a very fragile position, adding that “if we don’t choose the right person, God forbid what will happen to Nigeria”.

“Today, unfortunately in Nigeria, we have record of highest kidnapping in the world; we have the highest record of out of school children, highest record of terrorism, unemployment and poverty.

“We must find a president that knows how to rescue Nigeria. You must look at all of us and look at our capacities.

“Measure our capacity by who can unite Nigeria. To unite Nigeria you must check our records. It is somebody who has been in a position who has brought everybody together.

“You must be able to bring collaboration, cooperation and bring people together. That is what Nigeria needs today as leadership.

“You must be somebody who the north and the south can say ‘he is the one that can hook us together’. Let us look at all the aspirants and see who can unite Nigeria.

“We have the youth and the old ones. Which aspirant can bring the youth and the old together? I believe it is me that can unite the youth and the old,” Saraki said.

The former Senate President also urged the delegates to consider aspirants that could attract investments into Abuja and secure the lives and property of the residents.

“For Abuja, the most important thing is investment. We have seen how Abuja has developed over the years.

“You need a president that will encourage people to bring money and invest in Abuja. When they invest in Abuja, you will be better off. There will be more jobs.”

The former governor of Kwara said that when elected, he would explore technology to make Abuja a well secured modern city.

He said that Abuja was the only modern city that didn’t have full 24 hours coverage of security.

“When you make me president I will ensure with technology, that anywhere here in Abuja is covered and we can see what is going on and people will be safe.

“Today there is no city in the world, where technology is not provided, where even in your room you can see any movement.

“That is what has made other cities safe. My government will ensure that Abuja is like that,” Saraki added.

Saraki added that Nigeria needed a bold president and courageous in taking decisions

He said he had demonstrated the courage and boldness by speaking and standing for Nigerians when he was the Senate President, in spite of all the harassment and intimidation.

“We need a president that respects everyone. I have shown that when I was chairman of Governors’ Forum.

“We need a president that commands respect internationally, because we need the support of the international community, especially now that we are fighting insecurity.

“The insecurity in Nigeria today, you need a president that we say we must stop this banditry and take it on internationally,” he added.

Saraki, wooing the delegates, reminded them that it was during his leadership that the Senate passed FCT Mayor Bill, which unfortunately did not scale through in the House of Representatives.

He pledged that if elected as Nigeria president, FCT would be accorded its special pride of place.

He added that it was also part of his plan to provide 500,000 housing units across the country every year, while he remained president for more people to have homes.

“I understand business, I know how government works because I have been a governor for eight years. I know how the legislative operates. There is no body with my records,” Saraki said.

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