Read these 10 tips on how to avoid bandits, kidnappers

Some security experts have provided some guides on how to avoid falling victim to kidnappers or bandits, especially, in the city. They acknowledged that the insecurity situation in the country is worsening with many lives exposed to dangers and untimely deaths. They, therefore, stated that the situation requires extra conscious for personal safety.

Here are 10 tips proffered for personal safety

1. Ensure you take your kids to school yourself or assign a trustworthy driver.

2. Monitor them while at home not to go out of sight.

3. Avoid using one route in going out and coming into your residence; make alternate of route a habit.

4. Do not allow bike riders to take you directly to your residence, stop 100 -200 metres from your house.

5. Hold back your pride, low profile is the key this time around.

6. Avoid being in a crowd of unknown persons.

7. Be careful who handles your phone or drives your car in your absence.

8. Resist unknown persons who beg for urgent use of your phone on the road.

9. Be on alert, watch who is following you on the road, even when driving.

10. Be careful when begging for, or offered help anywhere, particularly, from strangers.