Revealed! How WHO lied, deceived world population on coronavirus pandemic

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The World Health Organization has turned around to expose its lies and deception of countries of the world on the false information it has been issuing on the deadliness of coronavirus. Specifically, WHO contradicted itself in the reversal of its earlier misinformation on asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus, creating fears and tendon across the world on person-to-person transmission of coronavirus.

The misinformation from WHO compelled countries of the world to imposed devastating and socio-economic destructive measures for the fear of the spread of coronavirus within their jurisdiction. The preventive measures most of which emanated from WHO shut down economies, sports, several other social activities across the world.

While monitoring the mass protest in the US over the murder of a Blackman by the police; the protesters defied all existing guidelines and protocols on social distance and wearing of mask rule with almost no further spread or deaths in the midst of the Americans, WHO suddenly discovered that asymptomatic coronavirus carriers are not infectious as they initially misinformed the world.

The so-called health experts have resorted to new assumption that supports, justifies and validates the protests in US and how that it may not cause the further spread of coronavirus.

The misinformation on coronavirus by WHO created apprehension that compelled countries to impose lockdown, social distancing, wearing of masks, including other unnecessary “precautionary guidelines” to contain the spread of coronavirus. More so, the coronavirus fear and tension forced governments to partially shut down governance and spend stupendously unbudgeted funds.

The sudden turnaround justifies Japan’s criticism that WHO is no longer World Health Organization but World Health of China, accusing the supposed global health supervisor of running public relations for the Chinese government on coronavirus.

Also, the US, France, the United Kingdom (UK), have also been having a running battle with China for misinformation on coronavirus. WHO’s asymptomatic transmission summersault validates and justifies the arguments of the US, UK, France and others on the hoarding of information and misleading the world with wrong information on coronavirus by WHO and China. The US became so furious that the country withdrew its financial obligation to WHO.

WHO has betrayed countries of the world into unnecessary lockdown that shut down manufacturing, production, services, global trade, devastating global economy, causing job losses in million, death of sick people in millions out of the panic that coronavirus has no cure, destroyed global sports and tourism.

WHO had been accused of creating a new World Order controlled by China. The global institution has projected more positives of China and caused more panic than proffering solutions in handling the coronavirus pandemic. The turnaround assumption has now exposed the hypocrisy and hidden agenda of WHO on coronavirus project.




  1. The Governor of Rivers State should please read this
    article and stop inhuman punishment of the Rivers State residents.NCDC I hope you are seeing this article.

  2. Glad to read this,even ordinary people in street are not fools.Here in Nigeria all these outrageous figures released on daily bases are laughable, DNT FORGET WE LIVE HERE & KNW OURSELVES

  3. I knew about this deception from WHO, right from onset . Satanic and misleading. They were heading towards the new world order but theyve failed.

  4. I knew about this from inception, they were working towards a one world government. God has exposed them, their schemes has become a fiasco

  5. china should compelled to pay up to single to all victims infected and affected by the chines corona virus,
    president trump was very right when he said this is a chines disease and the president also said WHO is siding with china which forced him to withdraw support to WHO, clearly china and who are together in the coronavirus 2019, china should pay, every country of the world, sue china for loss of businesses