Saraki loses UN job offer

After a grateful letter of acceptance of an offer to become an ambassador-at-large of a UN body, Senate President Bukola Saraki has claimed he is not bothered if the appointment is cancelled.

What happened?

There are reports his intending employer, the International Human Rights Commission, has withdrawn the job offered the outgoing Senate president in late April.

But his aides say nothing matters.

“We refuse to be rushed into anything and if the people have decided to take away the nomination, so be it,” the Cable quoted the aides as saying on Saturday.

In the wake of the offer, many had thought Saraki, whose political career has been buried by his former party APC, will be kept busy with the IHC appointment.

The doctor turned politician has spent 16 years in government—eight as a governor of Kwara, and eight as a senator.

He is in Saudi Arabia for hajj now, and has yet to receive any pink slip from the IHS .