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See how this victim escaped from armed robbers unhurt on Abuja/Kaduna Expressway



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It was a horror scene as armed robbers had a monetary but bloody operation along Abuja/Kaduna expressway holding travelers on temporary hostage, causing some harm and dispossessing them of their belongings. It was said that the robbers in their brief but brutal operation, had no time to entertain unnecessary excuses why any victim could not have minimum amount of money in his or her possession to secure freedom. The robbers desperately needed money for the holidays  and were not there to torment anyone. Though, there were no killings but those without money were light inflicted injuries.

Then, a businessman who had millions of naira in his possession on the journey approached that the armed robbers who were screening victims at the scene of operation. The businessman went straight to the leader of the robbery gang and told: “Boss, I was once an armed robber; I’m even on this journey to seek new location to resume operation”.

The robbery gang leader, looked at the businessman, and said, “you are cleared; most notable colleague, please take a bow and go”.