See how you can utilise your prepaid meter units effectively

KEDCO targets 24,000 customers monthly for metering
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Are you planning or you have gotten your own prepaid metre?Are you satisfy with its mode of operation interms of running out fast?Do you worry about how you can increase the duration of time it takes before you go for re-filling? If your response is yes, it means this piece of information is for you. To increase the period of consuming your prepaid meter, do the following.

You have to be a better conservator

Don’t turn on appliances which are not needed at any particular point in time. At times out of carefree attitude or intentionally we tend to leave our Television set or other home appliances on standby mode which is a primary consumer of energy. Keeping to this piece of info will help to increasing your energy consumption.

Always go for effecient home products

Buy only energy efficient home appliances. For instance, appliances 1 and 2 may be the same products but the rate they consume energy is different. This is often tell in thier prices as one will be surely expensive than the other. Do go for the one with higher price because it won’t consume much energy.

Go for LED television instead of LCD type

You have to replace your LCD television with less energy consuming LED television

this is becausec LCD television can consume as 3 times the energy an eqivalent LED television will consume.

Regulate the temprature of your fridge

A refrigerator will consume less electricity if its THERMOSTART is reset to a higher temprature. You can always call on articians to do this for you if you don’t know how to go about it.

Replace your incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs

Just as I earlier, Led products save more energy than its counterparts. Incandescent yellow bulbs consume alot of energy. Take for example, two 60wt of this bulb consume energy more than an efficient 6 feet standing fridge.

Finally, anytime you want to buy washing machine,refrigerator or ACs go for inverter compliant products. This is because they don’t consume much energy.Incase you are confuse.There is nothing to be confused about.This information is always written on the surface of some products.

Incase you have any question to ask, feel free to do so. I promise to respond to your questions promptly.Please try to share it across to many people out there. It is your boy Opulence.Thanks for reading!