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See man Reno Omokri exposes allegedly deleted INEC server



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Reno Omokri on his twitter handle made startling revelation, alleging that Femi Taiwo is the young man that deleted the server of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) which the Commission denied ever existed. Omokri vowed to provide more evidence if the man denies being behind the delete of the INEC server.

In his tweet, Reno Omokri @renoomokri, declared: “This is Femi Taiwo, the man behind the now deleted INEC server. Nigerian and foreign journalists should interview him. If he denies, then, I will provide more evidence.
“He can be reached on 0803…..65 or [email protected]


Reno Omokri @renoomokri further wrote:

“The young man has done nothing wrong and Nigerians should not attack him. He is not the culprit @INECNigeria, that denied the existence of a server is. The whole point is to contact the young man and interview him about his work for INEC.”