Senator Abbo guilty of assault, slammed with N50m in damages

Senator Elisha Abbo who caught on camera physically assaulting a woman at an adult toy shop in Abuja in 2019, and was dragged to court, has eventually been fined for N50 million in damages.

Sen. Abbo was initially arraigned by the police before a magistrate court in Zuba, on a one-count charge for assaulting Osimibibra Warmate.

But despite video evidence of the incident, Abdullahi Ilelah, the magistrate, upheld the no-case submission filed by the lawmaker and dismissed the case.

A group of lawyers eventually filed a civil suit against in a high court where the judge eventually pronounced him guilty.

“Remember that video of a Nigerian senator slapping/assaulting a young lady at a shop? Well justice was served today with the court slamming the sum of N50M against the Senator. I am delighted to have represented that young lady in this suit. We say no more to oppression,” Nelson Onuoha, a member of the team, said on Twitter Sept. 28.

Abbo (Adamawa-PDP) is the youngest member of the current Senate