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Slim vs. Chubby Adele: 7 ways to look at it



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1. If I had a choice. If it was my business. I’d choose the old chubby Adele over the skinny one.
2. And agreed. People make choices for many reasons. Perhaps, this was for her health or even style sake. So in the grand scheme of things, her choice vs mine. Her choice wins.
3. Because it’s her body. Her life. Her goals. Her dreams. The only thing of mine in the whole equation are my eyes.
4. If I were her man. Then it’ll be my eyes, my hands and my boogigidoo against her health or style or personal decision. And even at that her choice will still win.
5 (Don’t tell me you went to google to find out the meaning of boogigidoo. Check the slangs dicktionary). But you should know that Africans like them thick. But for fornication and adultery sakes, it’s increasingly difficult to know what the African man wants these days.
6. Seriously Adele is a sweet heart. Chubby or Slim. Soon we may adjust to her slim look.
7. So with this, I think I can finally get my six pacs. It’s so possible. I am motivated.

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