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Kendrick Lamar, Adele named among 2016 Time’s 100 most influential people



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Time magazine has brought out a list for 2016’s 100 most influential people amongst which include musicians like Ariana Grande, Adele, Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj, amongst others.

The list covers virtually everyone, from artists to leaders to icons and more.

In an attempt to explain the reason those 100 people made the list, Time magazine was quoted as saying “Each year our TIME 100 list lets us step back and measure the forces that move us. Which is more powerful, hope or proof? Ambition or altruism? The lessons of the past or the lure of the future? The people we spotlight range from the globally famous to the literally anonymous—we leave it to you to guess the true identity of author Elena Ferrante. There are world leaders and local activists, artists and athletes, scientists, moguls and a number of people who are running for President of the United States. One way or another they each embody a breakthrough: they broke the rules, broke the record, broke the silence, broke the boundaries to reveal what we’re capable of. They are seekers, with a fearless willingness to be surprised by what they find. As Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose musical Hamilton just won the Pulitzer Prize, puts it, “What’s the thing that’s not in the world that should be in the world?” The people on the list, each in their own way, have lessons to teach. We can debate those lessons; we don’t have to endorse them or agree with them. But the influence of this year’s TIME 100, to my mind, is that down to the last person, they have the power to make us think. And they are using it.”

Adele has just come off being honored winning at the Brits Awards 2016 as well as the iHeart Radio Music Awards 2016 and Brits Awards 2016. Kendrick Lamar also won big at the Grammys Awards 2016 going home with Best Rap Album “To pimp a butterfly”.

An activist and co-founder of The Black Lives Movement wrote about Kendrick Lamar on Time magazine  “Far from creating “conscious rap,” Kendrick Lamar has evolved a new genre of movement music that asserts no answers but raises hard questions and brings us together to take them on. Thank God for his trip to South Africa, which he says made him want to put everything he was seeing and experiencing into an album that could translate that experience to someone in the ghettos of Compton, Calif. Kendrick should be applauded for inviting us to face things that are uncomfortable, for celebrating our will to survive and for being audacious enough to grapple with the questions that we all need to answer if we ever hope to get free.”


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