The dangerous agenda behind Covid-19 vaccines – Rev. Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris set to host another Global Day of Prayer today
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Founder and President of LoveWorld Incorporated, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, has again revealed the agenda of those pushing for global Covid-19 vaccinations, saying it’s not about stopping the virus, but the control of people

The Man of God who disclosed this in one of his teachings at “Your LoveWorld Specials” explained that the intention of the vaccine’s creation is not to cure the virus, but to control the people.

Speaking further, Rev. Oyakhilome advised people to always read in between the lines to avoid being a captive of these global web of lies.

“There’re several ways to control the virus, but definitely not with these vaccines.  These vaccines carry a software which when introduced into the human body would be connected to a computer with which the person can now be controlled.

Reverend (Dr.) Oyakhilome revealed that surveillance is just a small part of the plans, “The other part of it that you don’t know is once the software is introduced into your body and things are kicked on, your life will have an expiry date, believe me.

“From having an expiry date, the vaccine introduces into your body a methodology for controlling your life – How long you live. Now you can’t live longer than you would have, it can only get shorter under the control of a man.”

“The vaccine is through which the software is introduced into your body, and with that, they can tell you- you vaccine has expired, you’ll need another dose – how are you going to know- they send you the message because your body is now connected to a computer.

“And you must accept the new dose which by better technology they are going to find a way to introduce into your body. So, from there on, you have an expiry date to let you know how long this is going to take you.

“And if you say know, they will tell you have twenty five days to live. And you can’t believe you’re being told that when you’re not in prison, or forget it you’re actually in prison because we’re talking about a mega prison- you can’t go out of your house or anywhere without permission.

“Here you are, you are about to leave home am, you get to your door, and you’re told – sorry, you can’t go out today. And you can’t believe this is happening.

“Imaging this, you can’t say whatever you have to say on Facebook or twitter or some other platforms. Meanwhile, a few years ago, people were very happy about all these platforms because they thought now we could express ourselves the way we wanted too.

“All of those things have turned around, and everything not consistent with their narratives is being censored,” he added.