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The story of Port Harcourt widow having affairs with killer of her husband she hired for N150k



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A 41-yer-old mother of four paid two men to beat up her husband, who eventually died on the spot, and was buried secretly, after which she started sleeping with one of the killers.

That’s is the finding of the IGP Special Intelligence Response Team investigating the death of Inedugoba Tyger whose wife Douglas Ajemine masterminded and concealed.

She was arrested in the Abalama area of Rivers.

According to her, she hired Nna and his friend, Sunny, to beat up her husband who had been abusing her physically and sexually since he lost his job.

She said at a point, Tyger abandoned her and moved into a new apartment in Port Harcourt, the state capital, with another woman.

According to the finding by the Abba Kyari-led IGP team, Ajemine, trying to cover up the crime, took Tyger’s car to a nearby market and parked it at a place where it could be recovered.

She then used his mobile phone to send text massages to his brothers, informing them that he was travelling out of the state on a business trip.

Having waited days without hearing from their brother, the family reported his sudden disappearance to the IGP, who immediately ordered an investigation into the matter.

Ajemine’s arrest opened up the investigation.

The second suspect to be arrested was Nna, one of the killers, who had since been having romantic affairs with the black widow.

“I met my husband in December 2014 and we got married the following year,” Ajemine, a health worker, told the police.

“He had two children before I married him and he said that he needed me to help him take care of them.’

They both soon moved in, each bringing their children from former marriages.


Problem started when he lost his job.

‘We relocated to our village in Buguma and his children were all staying in my house. By April 2016, he got some money from his former company and went to my family and paid my bride price,’ she told the police.

“We then relocated to his family house. Since he had no job, he became aggressive and abusive.”

According to her, Tyger started coming home to take things to sell, and when she refused, he would beat her up.

That violence made her moved out of his house in Abalama— to Port Harcourt.

“He traced me to where I was staying and tried to have sex with me in the passage of that house in January 2019,’ she said.

And that did it.

She said she met Kingsley Nna and told him what she was facing. Nna promised to help out.

“Another time, my husband came to my place and tried to forcibly have sex with me, I called Kingsley (Nna) on the phone to come.

“He came with one of his friends and started beating my husband. I left them inside the house and when I returned, I was told that he had died. Kingsley warned me not to tell anyone or else he would kill me and my children. My husband’s body was buried close to our house.

“I later sold his phone for N15,000 and Kingsley started demanding money from me. I gave him N150,000 but he went ahead to start having sex with me. Not too long after then, officers of the IRT came and arrested me.”

In his own account, Nna said Ajemine paid him and his friend N100,000 to beat her husband, adding that the woman pressured him into a sexual relationship with her soon afterwards.

It all started in December 2018 when he met Ajemine who told him and his friend, Sunny, that her husband was maltreating her.

They told her that whenever the man came around, she should call them.


She gave them N50,000, and said she would call us whenever the man was with her in Abalama.

The first attempt failed.

On January 26, she called them again in the afternoon and said the man was coming .

“When we got there, we met the two of them naked, as if they had just finished making love,’Nna recalled.

“The room was dark and the woman put on a torch so that we would see the man on the bed. Sunny wrapped the man’s face with a wrapper and a pillow, then I started beating him.

“He got up and started struggling. He removed what was used to tie his face, saw Sunny and recognised him. The two of them started speaking their Kalabari language. I don’t know what they were saying but Sunny insisted that we should kill the man since he had seen his face.

“I held him and Sunny strangled him.”

They told Ajemine outside— that her husband was dead.

She said she didn’t instruct us to kill him. So she gave us a shovel and showed us where to bury him.

‘The next day, she called and gave us N30,000. That evening, she called and said she wanted me to make love to her,” said Nna.

“We met at a hotel and made love for two hours. One week later, we met again in that same hotel and made love again. We made love a third time before I stopped responding to her calls because she wanted to turn me to her new husband.”

The police said three of them would be charged to court as soon as the investigation is concluded.


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