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TikTok says committed to building environmentally- aware generation



TikTok says committed to building environmentally- aware generation
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TikTok says it is at the forefront of giving its community the platform to help drive awareness and advocacy around sustainability and climate action.

Boniswa Sidwaba, TikTok Content Operations Lead for TikTok in Africa, said this in a statement on Wednesday.

She that TikTok was committed to playing an active role in building an environmentally-aware generation.

According to her, TikTok is doing this by providing a platform for reputable organisations and community members to discuss, debate and share information on the environment.

She said that this in turn had helped TikTok become a top destination to learn important topics such as climate and sustainability.

’We have an active group of climate advocates, experts and institutions dedicated to creating educational content and raising climate literacy.

‘’Through the platform, people and communities sharing the same vision from all around the world are connected, empowered and inspired to unleash the power of creativity to drive positive change for a greener and more sustainable future.

‘’Now, in support of the COP-27 gathering, TikTok is launching the #ClimateAction global campaign this November by inviting creators and communities around the world to join the conversation and make a difference by taking action,’’ she said.

According to her, this is part of TikTok’s ongoing commitment to encouraging communities to unlock the power of the platform to use creativity to drive positive, meaningful and lasting conversations.

Sidwaba further said with innovative in-app tools and partnerships, TikTok prioritises keeping its community informed and protected while supporting climate literacy and tackling climate misinformation and disinformation.

According to her, climate action content continues to rise as TikTok’s growing community uses its favourite entertainment platform to inspire hope, positivity and action.

Sidwaba said that Nigerian content creators had taken up this opportunity to highlight the impact of climate change, offering solutions to the TikTok community.


She said there would be an in-app conversation around climate change and effects on local communities on Nov. 15 at 5: 30 p.m.

‘’To join the conversation, the TikTok community is encouraged to get on to TikTok and follow the @CrtvDevelopment TikTok account to register.’’she said.

Speaking on the partnership with TikTok, Dr Okito Wedi, Founder,Crtve Development said that the need for creative partnerships such as this had never been more imperative in the fight for climate justice, particularly on the African continent.

Wedi said that art and creativity had the power to inspire engagement at the community and policy level, leading to action, change and impact.

According to her, through creativity, feelings of belonging to a collective community can be propagated.

She said that this relationship between creativity and belonging was fundamental to taking action and ownership of one’s own life, community, and country.

According to her, creativity is a first and necessary step towards social change.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video with the mission to inspire creativity and bring joy.