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TikTok unveils youth council to enhance safety features for teens



TikTok unveils youth council to enhance safety features for teens
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TikTok has officially formed a “youth council” of teens to advise the firm on improving safety features for its younger users.

The move comes as TikTok battles a measure that threatens to prohibit the app in the United States unless its parent firm, Byte Dance buys it.

The council, which is made up of 15 teenagers from various nations, including the United States,  United Kingdom, Brazil, and Kenya, has already begun meeting with TikTok’s CEO, Shou Chew.

While TikTok intends to strengthen safety measures with council feedback, the impact is questionable, particularly in light of worries about youth safety that are regularly associated with the programme.

However, TikTok maintains that the council has informed future initiatives, such as a media literacy campaign aimed at combating misinformation and AI-generated material

Furthermore, the council has provided feedback on TikTok’s “youth portal” function, which provides in-app privacy and security tools.

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The corporation emphasizes that the council’s function is to advise on teen safety measures, in collaboration with the UK online safety organization Presidio Safeguarding.

All council members are compensated, and TikTok confirmed that CEO Shou Chew attended the most recent meeting in February, where the council requested additional information on app reporting and blocking measures.

Despite uncertainty about the council’s power, TikTok emphasizes the importance of youth on its platform.

TikTok has galvanized its user base, which includes many teenagers, to protest the imminent prohibition measure.

However, these attempts may result in unforeseen outcomes.