Tribunal: How Atiku, PDP lost all cases against Buhari

Atiku Abubakar, presodential candidate of the PDP, and his party lost all their cases against President Muhammdu Buhari ad his ruling APC on Wednesday at the presidential election tribunal in Abuja.

On the educational qualification of  Buhari, the court held that as against the argument by Atiku and the PDP, President Buhari was eminently qualified to contest the last election.

The tribunal said evidence presented by Atiku and PDP even showed that the APC candidate does not only have a West African School Certificate (WASC), but also possesses more academic qualifications that made him over-qualified to run in the election.

The courtfurther ruled  there is no iota of falsehood in the affidavit of personal information submitted to INEC by Buhari before the election.

The court held that the PDP and its candidate failed to prove their claim that the APC candidate was not qualified to contest the election.

INEC Server

On INEC server, the court declared that there is no evidence showing that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC transmitted the results of the last presidential election electronically to any server.

The court held that the petitioners and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, failed to prove the existence of any INEC server–or that INEC transmitted results electronically.

The court held that there is no law in place in Nigeria that allows electronic transmission of results or the transmission of results using a card reader.

Justice Mohammed Garba, the president of the Tribunal, said, “I have carefully examined and examined Exhibit 28 (INEC Manual for Election) tendered by the petitioners, I did not see where there is provision for electronic transmission of the result of election.”

Election Violence

The tribunal  also dismissed Atiku Abubakar’s petition against Buhari over electoral misconduct.

According to the tribunal, the petitioners failed to prove the allegations, as they were unable to bring their witnesses to testify in court.