“What you did is working well,” Okagbare tells El Paso drug supplier in encrypted messages

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Blessing Okagbare got juiced up right from the time she blazed through 100 meters in 10.63 seconds during the Olympic trials in Lagos last June.

That much has been confirmed in chats between her and her naturopathic therapist who supplied her the substance up till the 2021 Tokyo Olympics in July.

According to a document on the US Justice Department’s website, Okagbare admitted the substance Lira gave her enhanced her performance.

Lira, 41, has been arrested in El Paso and charged to court.

The National Daily gathered he supplied another athlete, too.

The US began investigating Okagbare after she was expelled from the games, and was re-entering the US.

Her phone was analyzed, and details of her chats and relationship with Lira since 2020 were uncovered.

One of the conversations, encrypted, was about her performance in Lagos.

“Hola amigo / Eric my body feel so good / I just ran 10.63 in the 100m on Friday / with a 2.7 wind / I am sooooo happy / Ericccccccc / Whatever you did, is working so well,” Okagbare wrote.

Lira, responding, said Okagbare would “dominate” in Tokyo.

“What you did . . . is going to help you for the upcoming events,” Lira wrote. “You are doing your part and you will be ready to dominate.”

Whatever Lira gave the Nigerian sprinter—Human Growth Hormone—floated out of her blood sample when the Athletics Integrity Unit screened it days to her sprint in Tokyo.

“Call me urgently. . . [t]hey said one of my result came out positive on HGH . . . I don’t understand,” Okagbare wrote after she got slammed with the positive report.

She has since been suspended.