Why ensuring world peace is a must do task – Dr. Eke

The newly inducted  Eminent Ambassadors of Peace,Dr. (Mrs)
Appolonia Eke has charged well meaning Nigerians to join the struggle to engender a peaceful world, through far reaching sensitisation on the essence of Sustainable Development Goals
Mrs Eke who got the award along with her husband Reverend Uchechukwu Eke,had sensitized lots of people on the importance of attaining the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as  championed by the International Association of World Peace Advocates,United Nations Peace Volunteers tasked Nigerians and people all over the world not to feel less concerned about a conflict riddled globe as it eventually have a way of hurting us.
As one of the ten Chartered Fellowship Award recipient Appolonia pledged unalloyed commitment to the task ahead, even as the UN decade of action lapses in 2030.
All the ten recipients were inducted with their full compliments,a diplomatic Identity card,UN Crest and more benefits .
She also called for vehement sensitisation and active participation,geared towards extending frontiers of SDGs through the various focus areas as the awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals with clear focus on one or more of the specified cardinals can ensure world’s peace.
In her words,”I will use it to advocate for peace for humanity and see whether our world can change. The main focus is to make people understand what is SDGs as the Millennium Development Goals could not fly because people do not just understand what MDGs is.
“So the main focus is to sensitize people,create an awareness,simplify it like an A,B,C because it is when we understand what SDGs is that we would be able to apply it but when you don’t understand a thing,you wouldn’t know how to manage it.
” That was why we failed and you can see the short time we have now 2030 is here already, so all what we are saying is that much awareness need be created on this SDGs.
We need to go into action to start advocating for peace,where there is need and try to encourage women because SDGs is focused on youths and women,empowering the women digitally.
“Our main focus is to empower the women,because they are the most vulnerable in this COVID problem,so we really need to do certain things, to put things in order make sure that our youths are empowered,their are mentality is changed so that Africa will be what we are supposed to be.
Earlier the International Spokesman Ambassador Dr. Manuel Okeke who officially induct the awardees explained that,”it is just an induct meeting,you can see the social distancing,two persons per seat as the case may be,hand sanitizers and you cannot enter here without nose mask.
“So all the WHO measures were actually observed today we honoured ten Peace Ambassadors maintaining social distancing no hugging,no shaking of hands as the case may be,those whose lifes are reflecting peaceful activities in their environment.
“They having being promoting the SDGs cardinals of United Nations, which happens to deal with good healthy living and overall well being.
“You can see from their profile,part of the reasons why they were actually selected for this award is because of their activities in promoting humanitarian visions in their own capacity and virtually all of them have contributed in palliatives provisions to widows,elderly,less privileged in our societies.
So on the submission you can see that the decision to honour them today is a decision in the right direction.
“All women that were honoured today particularly have the charge to fight the course against rape and domestic violence against women,remember that the SDGs talked about gender equality,so they are supposed to take over the course for the rights of women because women rights and human rights as a matter of fact are inseparable.
“The world peace advocates
 is also joining the international community to frown at incessant cases of rape in the society we are not happy about it and by God’s grace we would overcome” . Okeke said.
A renowned UN influencer,Ambassador Dr Amos Obi,was on hand to review what the newly inducted need do to ensure world peace,harping more on the 17 SDGS as their watchword.
A business mogul,philanthropists and referred humanitarian, Apostle Smart Clement Oluwadamilola CEO W.O.G group of companies who was also honour as an Eminent peace ambassador,cited some his humanitarian efforts while pledging his unalloyed resolve to do more.
“I never expected this but as it is the will of God,it is heart warming,I have been a peace ambassadors prior to this time I am being honoured,so I am going to extend the frontiers and also represent the United Nations very well whenever that is required of me,I will give my best to community programmes that will help to engender peace the more in our society and the entire world.
“My focus going forward is to see how I can eliminate poverty by the grace of God. This I have done in Akoko Edo communities in Edo State,I have a academic scholarships plan both at the primary,secondary and tertiary level,within Nigeria and even beyond the African continent,I am passionate about the elimination of poverty and this is visible in my hospital.
“We give preference to the indigent healthy living free of charge,we also have a place for middle class and first class and I will do more.
“Touching the lives of women,men and youths. I recently established a jobless graduate,who came to me with a proposal of going to into production of Casava flour and he is doing well now, I am however advancing on that by giving him more funds so that he can become an employer of labour.”
He however tasked other well meaning Nigerians to brace up and invest in people to make the world a better place where peace reigns.
Another Peace Ambassador, Dr. Susan Chinwe Okonkwo in own take,noted that the strenght of youths need a proper tutorship for them to channel it usage for the society’s benefit and to engender peace.
“The honour done on me today is unique and I am targeting  the youths,to see how I can influence sense of industry in them as an idle hand they say is the devil’s workshop.
“This will help drive entrepreneurial spirit in them, also makes them highly resourceful and guide against having wrong focus in life.”
Ambassador Dr.Fatuyi Yemi Phillips an oil and gas marketer,who also got honoured at the induction ascribed all glory to God linking all humanitarian efforts in time past to a feat achieved by grace.
” Helping the needy is my focal point especially the aged groups. Most of the youths we have cannot even take good care of themselves, let alone taking care of their aged ones. “So I have decided to take it upon myself and with the help of United Nations.
“Go to all this villages you will see aged ones both male and female who are homeless we will do something about that,talking about shelter and we taking care of them,their health situation and every other thing.
“Then we talk about empowering most of them that can still do one or two things especially those that were in business before but suddenly went bankrupt .
“We are trying to see if with the aid of my foundation and United Nations we will be able to put food on their table.
Another Eminent Peace Ambassador who spoke glowingly about the task ahead,Dr. Mrs Tracy Anene made a trajectory of why the world peace is being threatened, while charging all hands to be on deck to correct the societal ills that prevails.
“Securing peace in the world is something I have been passionate about seeing there is a lot of conflicts out there especially from the idle youths. “So most times you see them trying to do despicable things, what we are trying to do is to see how we can bring them together and educate them on how to ensure that peace reigns in the world today.
“We would train them being a peace ambassador, there are a lot of things you can accomplish,I am emphasising on the rate the rape cases are coming up, one gets to ask what is happening in the society? But if you are going to educate this people that they can come together and be taught new skills,and giving various trainings, this will help shift their gaze off social vices and ensure peace.
” With your smart phones in your home you can make money, not fraudulent involvement like Yahoo but legitimate earnings without hassle,getting them to make good use of their time is paramount.
“A lot of people when they haven’t arrived you see them trying to be arrogant over things that are unnecessary,earlier when I called my husband my lord,after God is my husband so I have to give him respect if we give men that respect which they need then people can say you even charmed your husband, because what men need in life is not just that submission but respect.
“Have respect for any man and the man can go anywhere for you that is one thing but if we feel so proud of ourselves in  that we can not do, what we are supposed to do in terms of addressing this issue of respecting the head which is men then, especially those who are married will have a problem. “So if you have a man who supports you then you should equally respect that man.
“It is not easy to have support from a man because if you do then all blessings would be for you. Give respect to men they deserve it even if you have money more than them and feel you are better than them,a man that brings you to his home deserve your respect.
One of the recipient of the award who spoke with the journalist on phone, Mr Bankole Olukayode noted the need to deal with insecurity plaguing the world by remodeling youths world view for peace.
“We have insecurity ravaging the world and we are looking for ways to engender peace the society.
“We need to strategize on how to bring peace in the society,one of the strategies we are looking at is to see how we can engage the youths positively to deal with the negative effect of ignorance in our midst which is basically responsible for all the societal vices.
“Thereby building self worth in them will go a long way to reshape our world .
Others award recipients are Dr. Dare Willam, a Ghanian Dr. Olanrewaju  Abraham,Dr.Adeyemo Adebayo and Prince Joseph Emeakpobuno Ejaria.