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Why upcoming artistes should stay away from drugs – Young 6ix



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Born Onome Onokohwomo, Young 6ix came to the lime light in 2010 when he did a remix of ice prince monster hit   ”Oleku”. In 2012 young 6ix talent soared to an unbelievable height with storm 360, signaling the acceptance of Afro Hip pop brand and his arrival as a major contender on the music scene in Nigeria. The young talented musician went further to release his successful single hits which include the party setter “oh my gosh” “follow me go” which featured pop-super star Wizkid. In this explosive interview with Ayodele Oshikokhai, he spoke about his life journey to stardom, the issues in the music industry and many more. S.   

HOW was your growing up like?
I was privileged not only to have been born from a very reasonable family, but I was also brought up in the hands of disciplinarian parents. My growing up with my parent fun.
What was your parent’s reaction when you decided to go into music?
My parent reaction was that of mixed feeling. My parent wanted me to go to school first before I go into music and I thank God I listened to them.  My parents decided to give me full support when the press started reporting about my music career on the pages of newspaper, radio & television stations.
How does your personality affect your parent’s reputation?
I can say with all honesty that my parents, friends and well-wisher are proud of my success in music even the people of my home town Ujode in Ughelli North of Delta State are also proud of me. Just in the same way my fans, all over Nigeria and Europe embrace my Afro hip pop music.
How do you get inspiration to write songs?
I get inspiration to write my songs from dream, in my car and sometime a voice will echo it into my ears. When this happens, I pick up pen and paper to write what the voice has told me.
How do you cope with fame?
It is not easy to be in the limelight. When you are famous, people think you have everything to yourself, they come to you for help and if you cannot offer the help, they will criticize you. You cannot walk down the street without been noticed. To be frank with you, I do not see myself as famous, rather I see myself as a young man trying to make money out of music. I try to see that my music and video are good and see that I am well promoted.  I think that Fame is just the way people see you, how you market your product and get the desired result.
As a star, how do you cope with women?
Women are not my priority for now. There are so many things going on in my mind than women. I have just returned from where they are shooting my video and I am having an interview session and final sitting tomorrow. I have a new video coming out that will feature a big fish in the music industry. You can see that I have little or no time for women.
So far what has life thought you?
Life is not an easy journey to go through. It is full of thorns, bad, good and ugly. Life has thought me to be positive focus and good setter, life has also made me to know and understand that the only thing that can sustain me is integrity and to approach life with honesty which I are doing now.
What is your objective assessment of Nigeria music industry today?
The industry is not where it supposed to be in term of finance Structure. Although, the music industry is one of the biggest in the world, but it is much better than the economy.
What is your advice to the upcoming artistes?
The upcoming artistes should be focus and risk taker to attain their goal. They must not be involved in hard drugs. They should stay away from crime and drugs that might destroy their feature.
Would you like your music to be pirated as other wants?
No. if my music is pirated I would lose a lot of money so I do not want my music to be pirated by anyone.

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