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Wife seeks divorce due to husband’s inability to meet financial needs



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A 40-year-old woman, Oluwatoyin Adeleke, on Tuesday applied for divorce at the Upper Area Court, Ilorin, due to her husband’s inability to meet up with the family needs.

The wife told the court that she had been handling most of the family needs and could not continue with the marriage.

“I had eight delivery during my 14 years of marriage with my husband but lost six children to death, due to lack of money.

“I always bleed during labour and need lots of money for treatment, but due to my husband’s inability to finance my delivery, I sold all my business equipment one after the other.

“I also suffered hernia for three years and my husband could not provide money for my treatment, so I had to beg my family for money before I was operated and cured,” she said.

She therefore sought for divorce, custody of the remaining two children and the children’s welfare.

“I want my husband to always give the children N20,000 monthly for their upkeep, pay annual house rent and school fees termly,” she prayed the court.

The husband, Mr Mudashir Adeleke, told the court that he agreed to the divorce, saying that he had done everything possible to cater for the family.

“I have done different types of menial jobs since we got married and I have been giving her all my earnings to cater for the family.

“I have done bricklayer work, Okada rider, house to house laundry and hotel supervision work, just to make sure I did not leave all the burden of the family on her.

“My wife kept on complaining that she was tired of managing and want to live a comfortable life,” he said.

The husband also urged the court to grant him custody of his two children and would only pay for the debt of their six months house rent, of N12,000.


The court adjourned the case to July 6, for judgment.