ADC, CNM condemns plot to arrest Obasanjo

The ADC and CNM have condemned the plot by the Buhari administration to incriminate and arrest former President Olusegun Obasanjo on prompt up allegations.

The political groups in a statement by Akin Osuntokun observed that “If it is true, then, it means that Nigeria is once again on an imminent course towards perdition. It serves as indication of the dark political calculations and motive behind the desperate political Greek Gift of retrieving the noble memory of Chief Moshood Abiola as precursor.”

They further declared: “It will amount to a cheap and primitive playbook of Abacha in full replay and display. For the Buhari government, the contemplation of this recourse will be seen as a logical reclaim of a direct ancestry from the Abacha dictatorship. But then the conspirators should realise that the Nigeria of 2018 is different from the Nigeria of 1995 and the world of 1995 is different from the contemporary millennium.”

Osuntokun stated that the plot cannot succeed, pointing out that times have changed.

“I can assure you that regardless of any such intentions, it will never come to pass. It is an ill wind that would not blow anyone especially the alleged conspirators any good,” Osuntokun declared.