Ebola Watch: Reducing risk of infection

The World Health Organization in a recent report said Nigeria and other African countries are at a modest risk of the Ebola outbreak which recently broke in DRC with 19 and 39 causalities recorded so far.
The DRC, 445 kilometres by air from Abuja, is easily accessible via a flight from Lagos that takes less than three hours.
According to Nigeria’s Senate President, Bukola Saraki, it is important the hospitals are properly equipped with the Ebola vaccine where necessary,  adding if nothing is done given the country’s population “we may well be on our way to creating a global situation.”
However, there are simple ways of keeping the virus away with simply personal hygiene. As an individual, you are strongly advised to note these Top 7 ways to protect yourself and reduce your risk of infection:
·      Step Up Personal and Environmental Hygiene
Observe and maintain high standards of personal and environmental hygiene. Keep your body and surrounding environment clean always.
·      Wash Your Hands Regularly
Most infections – as much as 70% – are believed to be contracted via the mouth, through the hands. You are therefore advised to wash your hands regularly with water and soap, to get rid of germs, bacteria and other viruses.
·      Use Hand Sanitizers
Use hand sanitizers regularly, where there is no access to clean water, to kill possible germs.
·      Avoid Close Contact With Sick People
Avoid close contact with people who are sick, and ensure that objects used by them are decontaminated and properly disposed.
·      Avoid Touching Dead Bodies
Avoid touching or washing dead bodies, especially if you’re not properly trained to do so.
·      Avoid Sick People With Certain Symptoms
 Avoid sick people who present certain symptoms such as: bleeding from the eyes, mouth, nose, ear and rectum.
·      Avoid Raw ’Bush Meat’
 The World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated that it is also risky to consume raw ‘bush meat’ such as monkeys and chimpanzees
Remember, Ebola is currently regarded as the deadliest virus on earth, delivering one of the world’s lethal infections, and for which there is no known cure yet.