Ejigbo/Isolo launch Itesiwaju Eko Foundation, to start February


    A foundation to foster better communication and propagate the importance of re-electing Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for second term was birthed in Lagos today.

    The Itesiwaju Eko Foundation-Isolo/Ejigbo Chapter was officially launched to facilitate and further synchronize the rapidly unfolding democratic dividends with the people’s needs and thus maximize benefits from Ambode’s projects in the areas.

    Teeming populace who hails from Ejigbo and Isolo in Lagos State, all converged in large numbers to celebrate the many landmarks achievements that have been, and are being, recorded in the two sprawling cosmopolitan areas.

    Speaking at the event held at the Skyworth Hall in Ejigbo, Dr. Abdul-Hakeem Abdul-Lateef , the Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Home Affairs, said the Foundation is not about peace and violence, but about progress and prosperity of the people in the areas, about continuity of growth and advancement of humanity.

    “It is a celebration of the fantastic leadership and vision of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu; it is about the unity among the leaders and people of Isolo and Ejigbo; it is about the reinforcement of the people’s positive opinion of Action Progressives Congress; it is about keeping people informed and educated about democracy and civic responsibilities to choose right.

    “It is about the re-election of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to continue his good works in the areas. Adding that the Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation, to implement its objectives and has been duly registered in the Corporate Affairs Commission.

    Speaking further, he said the Foundation would key in to the lofty programme and projects of Governor Ambode’s Administration in the areas to spread and amplify democratic gains, and that as from February the Foundation would commence entrepreneurship training and other capacity development ventures, not only to empower people and increase economic growth at the local levels, but also to keep our teeming youths away from crime and other forms of lawlessness, as “idle hands is a devil workshop.” With the Foundation, many of the youths in the areas would be gainfully employed.

    He reiterated that Ambode’s Administration “is an inclusive one that wants everybody to be involved,”and would always support initiatives that emphasize Private Public Partnership, as government cannot do it all.”

    However, he clarified the Itesiwaju Ilu Eko Foundation-Ejigbo/Isolo Chapter “is not only about the youth, but for everybody- old and young, male and female. He said, the youth must be encouraged to identify their talents and interests, and should be supported to develop such, for society to enjoy from their fruits, for “you (the youths) cannot give what you don’t have.”

    In his own contribution, the Chairman of Isolo LG, Hon. Shamsideen Olaleye  affirmed that the people of Isolo and Ejigbo would solidly support Ambode’s second term bid, in recognition of

    visible development he has brought to the areas, in the same vein the Chairman from Ejigbo LCDA, Hon. Monsuru Oloyede Bello, said the celebration was in appreciation of the priority that the Administration “is giving to the two areas, and the launching of the Foundation “is a pay-back,” for the numerous projects commissioned in the axis, along with the several on-going ones.

    At the colourful ceremony, many who spoke with the National Daily said they were excited with the work of Ambode’s Administration, as a lot of the people mentioned, human development and commissioning of many roads projects in the inner streets and major roads, especially the ongoing expansion of the Airport Road.