Fidelity Bank announces interim audit of half year financials

By Chioma Obinagwam
Fidelity Bank Nigeria Plc. has notified the general public that the interim audit on its financials which it commenced in 2017  has been extended to its half year June 30,  2018 financials.
The bank disclosed in a statement issued by the bank’s company secretary, Ezinwa Unuigboje and published on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) website.
“This is to inform the Market and General Public that Fidelity Bank Plc. will continue with the interim audit of its Financial Statements which commenced in 2017. The bank will therefore be auditing its financial statements for the half year ended June 30, 2018,”
The statement further indicated that the half year result will be published for the information of the general public as soon as the audit is completed.
“Upon completion of the audit, the audited financial statements shall be presented to the Central Bank of Nigeria for approval and thereafter published in compliance with the provisions of the Nigerian Stock Exchange Rule Book and other relevant provisions. The Nigerian Stock Exchange and the Securities & Exchange Commission have been notified of this development,” Fidelity Bank revealed.