Lagos 2019: Jimi Agbaje urges Lagosians to ignore godfather

The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Lagos State, on Monday assured residents of Lagos State of his preparedness to run an all-inclusive government and not be a captive of a godfather or an oligarchy that decides who becomes governor in the state or who does not.

Agbaje in a statement on Monday, stated that in few months, he will unveil the proposal or policy blueprint which constitute his vision and plans for Lagos State.

The PDP candidate promised that he will also do his best to meet as many of people as possible and explain these plans, beliefs and convictions. “On any occasion I will welcome your questions and do my best to answer them, so you will have no doubt of where I stand on issues important to you,” he declared.

Agbaje, however, highlighted some the policy thrusts he intends to implement as components of his beliefs, plans and convictions. He listed them as follows:

“As Governor of Lagos State I do not intend to build another government from scratch. A government is a going concern and will remain so.

“As Governor , what I will do is use that exalted Office to make sure the Government of Lagos State works for the people of Lagos State, minimizing waste and focusing on areas critical to the welfare of all Lagosians.”

The PDP governorship candidate cautioned that “one man should and must not determine the person occupying Alausa.

“The fate and direction of everyone living in Lagos should be determined by all who live in this Great state. “My government will be a government of minimal interference/influence so as to enable the free market flourish and run based on the forces of demand and supply.”

Agbaje further disclosed his plans towards ensuring cordial inter-governmental relations in the state.

“I will empower all arms of the Government from the Local Governments up. The Local Government is crucial and must be the first point of call for Lagosians.

“We will promote a Lagos State accountable to all its people.’

He also indicated his educational reforms towards job opportunities.

“Most of the job qualifications we attain from our higher education institutions are not the jobs needed today in Lagos State.

“There has to be a shift to Lagos specific requirements determining what is being encouraged as job qualifications in Lagos State.

“Thus we must have a Lagos that recognises what it needs and a Lagos that encourages qualifications in those areas, driven right through the educational system.

‘For Our teeming youth who have already passed through the system and still remain unemployed, your skills may be required in other places around the world.

“We would look at alternative means such as freelancing as a viable means of employment. This allows you to gain employment work in other countries but from the comfort of your own home in Lagos State. It is already happening and my government will expand this trend,” he highlighted.

Agbaje further indicated that the government under his leadership will work with the business, labor, the financial world, and the educational system for the best brains available to modernize the Institutions and economy, eliminating waste and duplication.

“Who is to be imposed as Governor of Lagos State isn’t important, what is very important is who the people of Lagos would want to be their Governor.

“In the end, the Lagos this generation desires can be won. It exist, it is real, it is possible, it is ours,” he declared.