Military gives reasons for free medical outreaches

    The military on Saturday in Abuja, disclosed that the free medical outreaches it had conducted recently and in the past were done deliberately during operations to secure the lives of Nigerians.
    It said that they have always carried out such services in crisis ravaged areas such as the war against insurgency and terrorism in the north east and when they carry out routine training exercise like Egwu Eke 11 in South East.
    The Director, Defence Information (DDI) Maj Gen John Enenche stated that the Armed Forces of Nigeria has always been in the global best military practice of impacting on the lives of Nigerians through medical outreaches.
    Noting that the practice of reaching out to the general public medically is akin to the key task of securing the lives and property of Nigerians.
    He observed that the Nigerian Army on several occasions had carried out medical outreaches in virtually all the geopolitical zones of Nigeria without any observation in the past.
    According the defence spokesperson, the Nigerian Navy had also carried out similar exercises in Southern parts of the Country.
    Enenche further added that the “Nigerian Air Force is equally in the lime light of medical outreaches including victims of natural disasters all over the Country.
    He reiterated that against insinuation that dangerous monkey pox virus was been injected into people, pointed out that such “medical service has and can never be done with ulterior motive.
    “Nigerians should be assured that, the Armed Forces of Nigeria will continue to carry out its all encompassing constitutional responsibility of “National Security” of which health security is inclusive.
    “From the above, and in specific terms, the campaign of calumny against the Nigerian Army regarding the outbreak of Monkey Pox should be disregarded,” Gen Enenche observed.
    He further reiterated that the campaign was “the machination of the usual mischievous and disgruntled human gongs, who are always in the business of blackmailing the Military for their myopic selfish interests.
    The Defence Headquarters, however,  assured the general public of its commitment to genuine and sincere medical outreaches by members of the Armed Forces as it were.
    “This is in view of the positive impact it has had on the local populace in Nigeria. All insinuations regarding Medical outreaches by the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air Force in the Country should be disregarded.”
    National Daily gathered that such free medical outreach was carried out by the Nigerian Army on Friday (yesterday) at TAKWA Bay Island, Lagos Island during the ongoing Operation Crocodile Smile 2.

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