Why I raped my mother, mother-in-law

A 32-year-old man just raped his mum and Mother-in-law.

Shekari David who the police described as a serial rapist has been arrested for allegedly raping his own mother and his mother-in-law in Kaduna.

His confession blames it on spiritual curse. Dude says once he’s drunk his desire to have sex with older women is switched on.
The thing is bros has probably raped a lot of older women. In our society, young girls don’t dare to speak out. They don’t want to be shamed. How much less the older women.
Older women can’t even imagine the foolish questions the Police Officer taking down the report will ask. They rather just keep quiet than risk the societal shame. Most husbands would even make the matter worse and could even add to the pain.
By his confessions, he pounced on his mother after a drink event. The mother struggled but he overpowered her. While on the mum, the wife caught them. She was angry, deed was done, mother was terribly saddened by the taboo.
But mother begged the matter to die in the cooler.
Conditioned, wife understands.
Unfortunately there was another day, another drink festival.
Man is drunk.
No older women available at the drink place.
Man dashes home. The only older woman around is Mother-in-law.
Man rapes mother-in-law.
Man is caught in the act.
This time not by wife. So no way it could be curtailed. It is announced. The alarm sounded and people who beat up people with this kind of demons gathered quite immediately.
Man is first beaten out of intoxication.
Just when it was time to beat him out of life, one of the legion inside him went ahead to call the police.
So man is suddenly in a repentant state confessing at the police station (under arrest by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Special Squad). What we will never know is how many older women have suffered from such a fellow.
God help our women. Men help your women. Boys help your girls.