Why Khan believes Anthony Joshua slept with his wife

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua may have found himself in a storm bigger than whatever he’s faced in the boxing ring after being dragged into the messy divorce spat between fellow British boxer Amir Khan and his wife, Faryal Makhdoom Khan.
Amir Khan went nuclear on wife Fayal on Friday, taking to Twitter to accuse her of cheating with 27-year-old Joshua.
Former welterweight champion Khan made the damning allegation in a series of tweets while in Dubai.
And after his wife hit back with a tweetstorm of her own that also included cheating allegations, Nigerian-born Joshua took to Twitter to make light of the situation, posting a video of the song ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy, before adding: “Bantz aside, I hope you guys can resolve your situation or this is a hack as we have never even met! Plus I like my women BBW (a bit thicker) #ItWasntMe.”
Khan posted an initial message that announced he and his wife were ending their four-year marriage, writing: “So me and the wife Faryal have agreed to split. I’m currently in Dubai. Wish her all the best,” before labeling her a “Golddigger”.
He didn’t leave it there, telling the whole world he thinks Faryal is rebounding with Joshua.
“Faryal moved on quick. Always mentioned to me how much she wanted to be with another guy, from all people another boxer @anthonyfjoshua”
But Faryal wasn’t taking the whole thing lying down (lol), and fired off a series of Tweets of her own saying  Khan is just a washed up crybaby looking for attention, and the real cheater in the relationship.
“Accusing other boxers just because your boxing career is finished. Man up amir.”
“I’m not the one who’s been in the papers every month with my pants downCheater!”
“I think he just needs some attention because boxing hasn’t been going well for him so he’s just been acting up #30yearoldbaby.”
And Twitter folks have hopped on the saga, unleashing brutal shots of their own…
“If I meet a man this strong on my wife, I will greet him politely and ask what he wants to eat” tweeted @Fayi
Another tweet went, “With all his power, he can get all the women he wants”

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