10 Most corrupt police forces in the World, No.1 is from Africa

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Corrupt police officers exploit their position to profit themselves and their families, and this is referred to as “police corruption.”

Generally speaking, corruption is seen to be a problem for any institution, and it erodes the public’s confidence in law enforcement.

However, in this research, we will look at the top ten most corrupt police forces in the world, as determined by the United Nations.

#10 Burma Police Force

In spite of the fact that it is governed by a military dictatorship, Burma is infamous for having one of the most corrupt police forces in the world.

Their police force is well-known for kidnapping people and holding their money, which includes bribes, hostage for long periods of time.

According to Wikipedia, one of the factors contributing to police corruption in Burma is that officers were not required to pay any compensation or reward for the investigations they conducted on their own.

#9 Pakistan Police ForceĀ 

The Pakistan Police Department is yet another police department that has been accused of being particularly corrupt because to a high number of extortions, murders, abuse, and bribery cases that have occurred in recent years.

As reported in an investigation by Transparency International Pakistan, the court system is one of the most corrupt institutions in the world, second only to law enforcement agencies in terms of corruption.

#8 Russian Law Enforcement

Given the fact that Russia is one of the most corrupt countries on the earth, it should come as no surprise that their police force is considered among the most corrupt in the world as well.

For example, a 2005 study by the Levada-Center research organization found that more than half of the police officers examined had extra employment to augment their pay, and nearly 20 percent earned additional revenue while on the clock.

#7 Sudan Police Forces

The Sudan Police Force, which is considered to be one of the most corrupt in Africa, is unsurprised.

You have a history of receiving bribes from people with no repercussions, and even if you denounce them, no action will be taken to hold them accountable.

Sudanese police personnel are accused of routinely breaching human rights, including conducting arbitrary and unjustified arrests, according to human rights organizations.

#6 Afghanistan Police Force

The police in this country are notoriously corrupt, as is the judiciary. Corruption has had a huge impact on the Afghan police, and there is little indication that it will be curtailed any time soon.

Corruption deprives police personnel of up to half of their income, allowing them to solicit bribes while abusing the trust of the people they are supposed to protect.

#5 Iraqi Police Forces

Known for engaging in unethical actions from time to time, the Iraqi Police Force comes in sixth on this list of unethical police forces.

Although several reforms have been implemented inside the police force, it does not appear to be working.

Furthermore, under the current administration, bribery, theft, and police brutality continue to be a concern in the United States of America.

#4 Kenyan Police Force

According to this ranking, the Kenyan police force is rated fourth.

According to the Kenyan police, corruption is prevalent at an 81 percent rate, ranking them as the most corrupt institution in the country and one of the top ten most bribe-prone institutions in East Africa

Kenya is rife with human rights abuses, corruption, and extortion, among other things.

#3 Mexico’s Police Force

In today’s world, Mexico is widely recognized as a country whose economy is dominated by drug lords, a fact that is widely acknowledged.

Furthermore, police corruption is one of the most important concerns that Mexican law enforcement must deal with.

The high unemployment rate, poor wages, and rampant drug trade in the country are believed to be the root causes of police corruption in the country.

#2 Haitian National Police

In addition to violating human rights and the constitution, it is well-known for disregarding the Haitian community and bringing the entire police department into disrepute. It is also known for being one of the world’s most corrupt police forces.

#1 The Nigerian Police Force

According to the World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI), the Nigerian police force has the world’s largest technical department, which is located in Lagos.

In addition to other things, the Nigerian police force was well-known for bribery, unlawful detention, torturing, and assassinating citizens.

Which way do you lean on this issue? Do you agree with the ranking system, or do you think it’s unfair?


  1. Well answering this will depend on the indices they base their judgment upon. But normally a police, is a function of the government and the society. If Nigeria Police is the worst police force in the world, it means, Nigeria government is the worst government in the world and the Nigeria society is the worst as well. Check what makes a police force Good or bad. It’s the government and tge society because these tripartite are interwoven. It calls for concern. Most officers undertook the job to erne a living not because the love making it a career.