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Nigerians in Diaspora support Buhari economic agenda



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IN line with the economic agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe (NIDOE) have assured Nigerians that the economic hardship confronting the country will soon be a thing of the past. The group made this known in its annual summit /AGM meeting in Stockholm, capital of Sweden. They urged the state and federal government to key into the business opportunities explored by the group in Europe to revive dead companies in Nigeria.

According to facts made available to National Daily, the summit was aimed at attracting foreign investors into the country to invest on water production, energy, small and medium enterprises as well as oil and gas. Among other issues the summit highlighted was the speedy recovery of Nigeria economy and regain her lost glory which hitherto was an industrial state but not a consuming country. The theme of the summit was “A Collaborative Platform for Sustainable Business Relationship” which focused on investment, partnership and other issues relating to Foreign Direct Investment and how it affects large and small scale business in Nigeria. During the summit, corporate participants and government agencies received unique opportunity to close ranks and partner with potential Swedish investors and solution providers. Over twenty companies from different countries in Europe also participated in the event. They assured Nigerians in Europe that they are willing to invest in Nigeria and partner with Nigerians in various sectors of the economy. Among the viable companies that are willing to exploit the business opportunities in Nigeria are Againity AB which is an expert company on renewable energy and Solvatten AB, a specialist on water purification. The latest World Health Organization index shows that African countries including Nigeria do not have good source of drinking water. Both light and water are the most essential need of common Nigerians today.

Therefore, NIDOE official Swedish partners in Sweden identified and facilitated corporate solution providers that have the requisite experience to tackle Nigeria economic challenges including water and energy. The group brought both government agencies like NIPC and a number of small and medium scale enterprises to shade light on the important subject of Foreign Investment and remove the bottlenecks that have continued to hinder smooth trade transactions between Nigeria and Sweden.

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In his opening remarks, the Chairman of NIDO organization Dr. George Ahamefule Manuwuike emphasized on numerous benefits NIDO could attract to the country and the significance of its collaborative partnership between Sweden and Nigeria. He said “The summit has identified Sweden as solution providers where potential partners for economic development can thrive” Adding, “NIDO Europe has opened the Scandinavian business corridor and inspired Sweden to explore the most attractive business destination in Nigeria and Africa in general” “We will provide a strong force to boost investment, particularly through private sector participation, which we have developed with ambitious companies that have the strategy for direct investment which will bring together the concrete policies and actions to improve the investment environment, foster efficient and quality infrastructure, including the public sector”

On his part, the chairman NIDOE Sweden chapter Mr. Ernest Ngadiuba said “With this summit, the current economic challenges confronting Nigeria especially the unemployment would be tackled through the opportunities that have been unveiled. Today, we need to celebrate the remarkable resilience of the Nigerians spirit, in cognizance of the potential force in the diaspora, we would not relent in our quest to strive to reflect our transformation and philosophy of our new environment that has instilled in us. It is important to note that the companies mentioned above are the most viable in Europe in terms of energy and water purification and distribution. They are known for being friendly to any environment they found themselves provision of social responsibilities in their areas of operation”

“In pursuance of these objectives, NIDOE has adopted a comprehensive agenda on the three pillars of decisive implementation of our past commitments to deliver on our promises, boosting investments as a powerful driver of growth and promote inclusiveness in our actions so as to ensure shared prosperity. We have also enhanced our dialogue with Sweden, a highly advanced economy and key ally with the developing countries as part of our implementation of this agenda”. We are glad to announce that business arrangements are going on with both companies to trade with Nigerians to provide solution in their areas of specializations. We will not forget the fact that many of us are eager to return home and continue our lives but we must have a base to contribute our quota in the development of our dear country-Nigeria. I therefore plead with Nigerians to exercise patient with the current government, by the time we implement the resolution of the summit, Nigerians will be gainfully employed” He added.

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Ngadiuba further said “Our top priority is timely and effective for proper implementation of strategies that includes measures to support demand and structural reforms to lift potential growth, create jobs, promote inclusiveness and reduce inequalities in the society. We have made significant progress towards fulfilling our commitments. Our troubles and failures are well catalogued. For a country that was, in need of industrial development, on a similar if not better level with many countries at independence, it is discomforting that we are lagging behind as the economic indicators among nations have shown despite the huge mineral resources that we have been living with. We cannot ignore the fact that we have cause to celebrate our nationhood and even a greater cause to look forward to a brighter future. This is a historic occasion when we need to pause and appreciate who we are, what we have, and to reflect on the encouraging possibilities ahead quoting the Nigerian Charged affaires remarks “Nigeria had a peaceful and successful democratic transition which witnessed the transfer of political power/leadership from one elected government (political party) to another. A successful transition of political power by an African country is an indication that the country has matured democratically and has entered into another phase to deliver on the aspirations of our people.”

In his contribution, the Social, Welfare and Events Director of NIDO Europe as well as the Coordinating Chairman for NIDO Worldwide and the moderator of the Nigerian-Sweden Business Summit, Dr. Camillus Konkwo, “We have resolves to ensure speedy growth, deliverance of more and better method to achieve robust results in all our resolutions. We recognize that advancing inclusive growth requires the use of possible tools through strong engagement with all stakeholders”

The Charge´ d’ Affaires at the Nigeria Embassy Stockholm, Sweden Mrs. Jane Ada Ndem, remarked that Nigeria had a peaceful and successful democratic transition which witnessed the transfer of political power/leadership from one elected government to another. Such a successful transition of political power by an African country is an indication that the country has matured democratically and has entered into another phase of political development to deliver on the aspirations of our people and offer them democratic dividend through economic empowerment.