HANIFAT: Killer proprietor’s past atrocity, personality exposed

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Child murderer Abdulmalik Tanko, the proprietor of Noble Kids Academy Nursery and Primary School, has always been a money-minded psychopath.

Residents of Tundun Murtala, Nasarawa LGA, Kao, are beginning to tell what they know about the school proprietor who abducted a five-year-old Hanifat for ransom, poisoned her, and buried her on his school premises.

According to a resident who spoke to the Daily Trust, Tanko was a headteacher employed at Tundun Wada before he embezzled their funds there, and got the boot.

He then moved to Tudun Murtala, founded the North West Primary School. Business boomed. He then handed it over to his wife, and moved to Kwanat Dakata, Yankaba, to found the school Hanifat attended.

The newspaper reported how Tanko is a loner and broody man who doesn’t associates with neighbours and colleagues.

He and his wife have been arrested and detained in the wake of the revelation of their murder of the five-year-old pupil last December.