2023: Voters humiliate Yahaya Bello in popularity contest after gov boasted

Kogi Gov. Yahaya Bello boasted on Channels TV he is the man to beat in the race for Aso Rock in 2023 even when he has yet to complete his second term. A poll that followed the interview however took him down the bottom of the pile.

The TV station asked Nigerians n Twitter poll if they were willing to elect Bello as president.

The governor himself had boasted of how much of a hotshot he was.

“Nigerians, the youth and women, and all Nigerians, including very objective elites are asking me to run for president in 2023,” he said during the interview.

“My answer will be in the affirmative in a few time from now,” he said, urging Nigerians to be patient with him.

“It’s a work in progress. And by the grace of God, I am not going to disappoint you when the time comes for me to give a response to that.”

Then the poll began.

“Would you support a Yahaya Bello 2023 Presidency? The Kogi State Governor hinted on Friday that he might run for the top spot in the next election cycle.” the television station posted.

No fewer than 6,796 participants responded. And only six per cent voted in favour of Bello. About 93 percent rejected him. The percent were undecided.

Was Bello gutted? Maybe.

But Channel took down the poll after bot 30 minutes.