5 Mistakes every barber should avoid

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For every barber out there, making mistakes when it comes to lining up a haircut might be inevitable, but there are ways you can go about it than can help reduce some of these mistakes to the lowest level possible.

The beauty of every haircut to a large extent depends on the line-up or carving. When this step is tempered with, the entire creativity or effort in coming up with a nice haircut will be ridiculed.

To this effect, below are five mistakes every Barber should watch out for to avoid making caricature of his profession or services rendered.

1. Avoid Pressing Too Hard: Some barbers are fun of the habit of pressing hard their clippers when lining up a haircut. This they do because they felt it will bring out the line-up much better.

This is a wrong notion, as pressing too hard can cause abrasions or irritation on your client’s skin, making him unconformable and discontent of your services.

2. Avoid Negative Gapping: In setting up your clipper for line up, avoid adjusting the cutting blade to be above the combing or big blade. This can easily cause irritations or abrasions on your client.

3. Avoid Incorrect Angling: Before lining up a haircut, ensure you check your angles properly and follow it. If possible, create a sketch of your line-up, so you don’t miss it.

4. Avoid Creating Lines Without References: The head’s shapes are connected; therefore, it is imperative you take reference from every side before lining up the hair.

5. Ensure You Brush/Comb When Lining A Hair: Most barbers often fall victims of this, whenever you’re lining up a haircut, use your comb or brush to know if you have trimmed the edges nicely.

This step is necessary to help you capture all the protruding hair, so they don’t scatter and leave your lining imperfect afterwards. Thanks.