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5 signs that show you are not healthy



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I believe that health has many facets and can ultimately be rather challenging. We don’t typically think of health in this way, but it includes a bodily component, a mental component, an emotional component, and a general sense of wellness.

According to experts, one must feel physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and have the resources to live a complete life in order to be considered healthy. While it is generally accepted that having a health issue or being overweight indicates that a person is unhealthy, there are additional health markers that may only be observed or known by the individual.

Be aware of some of the less visible warning signals that you might not be as healthy as you believe.

According to Medicalnewstoday & Healthline, here are 5 signs that show you are not quite healthy even if you feel strong & energetic.

1. Skin is not clear

Breakouts are a sign that your health may not be as good as you believe. Face mapping is a terrific technique to help us determine where we eventually need to make changes to enhance our health, even though there isn’t one single cause of acne.

Face mapping connects the area of the face where a breakout is occurring to the body portion associated with creating the breakout, providing information about the underlying cause of acne. Forehead acne, for instance, has a lifestyle component to it that includes nutrition, sleep, and hygiene. Another illustration is acne on the bottom of the chin, which is linked to the stomach and digestive problems.

2. The whites of your eye are not white

The gallbladder, liver, pancreas, or bile ducts may be the cause of yellowing of the whites of your eyes. In addition to being a sign of poor health, red eyes can also be an indication of poor sleep, excessive strain on the eyes, and ruptured blood vessels.

3. Your toenails and fingernails have an odd color or texture

Have you ever thought about the connection between your nails and your overall health? Probably not, but your fingernails and toenails can give you a hint about how healthy or unwell you are based on their shape, texture, and color.

While smoking and specific nail polish colors might occasionally induce yellowing, it is thought that the yellow color is brought on by poor circulation and fluid buildup in the body.

You may be nutritionally deficient if you have indentations in your nails or irregular nail development. So check more closely and determine if there is any crucial information that you are overlooking.

4. You are always tired

If you always feel exhausted, you might not be as healthy as you thought; check your food, level of physical activity, level of hydration, and think about discussing any nutritional deficiencies you could have with your doctor.

5. Loss of appetite

You should seek medical attention right away if you notice that your appetite has decreased or has disappeared because this could be a sign of a number of disorders. Note that while a decrease in appetite during the summer should be regarded as normal, nausea or a dislike of food may indicate that you are about to get sick with anything from a common cold to strep throat.

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