5 Types of nuts you should eat regularly to boost your immune system

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Nuts are definitely one of the healthiest food product on the planet. They are packed with all the best nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which helps to boost the body’s immune system. And well, we all know that the immune system of the body needs to be well taken care of. It is responsible for protecting the body against diseases and infections. In this article, I’ll be writing about some of the best nuts that you should eat regularly in order to boost your Immune system. See them below;

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts is an amazing type of food. They are very low in sugar and rich in fiber, healthy fats, magnesium and protein. These important nutrients contained in cashew nuts helps the brain, heart and bones to stay healthy and also boost the body’s immune system. When you eat cashew nuts in large quantity frequently, you’ll surely get healthier.


Peanuts are one of the best and healthiest protein packed food. No doubt, high intake of peanuts can help to improve a person’s immune system and make their body strong enough to fight off chronic diseases and medical conditions.


Groundnuts are definitely the most popular type of nuts here in Nigeria. It is loved by millions of people who eat it on a regular basis. Many research and observations have concluded that eating groundnuts regularly can also help a person to maintain a healthy weight.


Walnuts are very rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that can help the body to stay fit. Regular consumption of this super-nut also helps to reduce the risk of inflammation in the body which is caused by excess blood sugar. Eat walnuts at least twice a week to boost your health and immune system.

Tiger nuts

Tiger buts contains a variety of beneficial plant compounds. That are mostly found in Northern Nigeria. This delicacy boosts of all the healthiest nutrients the body needs to protect its immune system and fight against diseases. Tiger nuts also helps to improve digestion and proper body metabolism.